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Where did the school year go?

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on the boys. So, lets give an update on my almost 6 year old Jaydon!

Wow, where did the school year go?

It wasn’t long ago that I was putting my 4 year old son Jaydon on the school bus for his first day of kindergarten on August 3, 2021. Yep, when he started kindergarten he was still 4, but turned 5 about 2 weeks into the school year.

Jaydon currently goes to what they call here a Balanced Calendar school, which is the same as year round. Different name, same concept. I figured that actually would be the best fit for him and although it was a rocky start he absolutely loves it and so do I.

Then, I must have blinked, had a long nap or something because Jaydon has now graduated from kindergarten on June 17, 2022 and boy was that cute!

One thing I think is totally cool that Jaydon school does is called Move Up Day. The kindergarten classes on the last day of school got to go to their first grade classroom and meet their first grade teacher. So, yes, I now know his teacher’s name for the next school year. Ah, but poor Jaydon has already forgotten it, lol. Which I guess is ok because by the time school starts I would have forgotten how to pronounce it!

Oh, I almost forgot. Jaydon’s school does not do grades as a, b, c, d, f, oh no no no, it’s 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Way to go and confuse a poor parent! 1 2 3 4, erm, how does this work now?

  1. beginning
  2. developing
  3. proficient
  4. advance

Jaydon got lots of 3s and 4s on his final report card. Yay little guy!

Now the school year is over and I’m preparing him for first grade which starts for him on August 15, 2022 a few days this time before he turns 6.

One of the items on his school supply list is pencils so I emailed his teacher for next year and asked if there was a specific pencil he had to have. Of course she just said a standard yellow #2 pencil and pre-sharpened if I could. Ha, not a problem, so I immediately emailed her back and asked if 1000 of them would be enough! lol, think that would cover Jaydon and his classmates for the next 3 years.

Until next time, have a great day!

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