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The Pigeon Detectives by Sean P. Gibson

I definitely don’t recommend reading this story while eating. It doesn’t make for good digestion. Hot pockets and body parts don’t go well together.

Whew, I will never see pigeons the same again after reading this story. Worry about them pooping on your head, oh no! Now must worry about them trying to eat you alive or killing you with their poison. It’s the revenge of the pigeons!

For me the one amusing part of the story was when George sang at the closed door of his daughter’s house for it to open. He did not believe Leo about a camera above the door. lol, George just thoght the red light had to do with the door opening.

This is a fast pace story from the start where detective George is a definite unbeliever about killer pigeons all the way to the end where he blows them up. However, the story doesn’t end the way you think it would. Even I groaned at the end.

I learned from

Sean P. Gibson’s

facebook page that there will be an audio version of this book. So, when that time comes I will do the review again from the audiobook review perspective.

I received this book for free and my review is given freely.

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