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Quick Update

Greetings everyone!

It’s been a long touh summer. So, lets do some catch up.

First, to all my new authors and narrators that have subscribed and followed me recently, thanks so much for checking in and being so patient during this time. I promise I have not forgotten about you and your awesome book reviews. For some of them I will read again just to make sure my memory is still fresh before I post your reviews. Things are slowly getting back to normal for me so I should get things back to moving along soon. lol, for one of my favorite narrators I bet he’s already on book 3 of the series I need to review!

Now on to what’s been going on here.

Since I wrote last in June I sadly got some hard news to swallow regarding my super severe headaches. Some of you on my social media may already know this part so can skip ahead, smiles. Back in May my headaches all of a sudden started getting really really bad again, so bad that the medicine my doctor and I finally found that worked, stopped working. It got so bad that I couldn’t concentrate for more than a few seconds and I was just ready to give up to get away from the pain. At the end of June I had a MRI done and the news was worse than what I was expecting and when did I get this great news? Right when I was walking into work. Man, that made for a hard work day. So now along with wanting to give up to get away from the pain, emotionally I couldn’t take the bad news I got either. This has definitely been a rough few months with pain and just wanting to give up to escape the pain I was in, but still trying to just get through the day for my little guys because they need me. Still to this day it’s a struggle, but I just take things one moment at a time. Finally, lost friends that really weren’t friends to begin with and maybe in the end that’s a good thing, less drama I have to deal with. Leaves room for my more important nut cases!

Ok, done with the sad part of the story, smiles. On to the good stuff.

Can you all believe it is pretty much the end of August? The last time I wrote it was the end of June and my little guy Jaydon was graduating from Kindergarten. Now, as of August 15, he’s started 1st grade and then had the nerve to turn 6 a few days after that. Whew, I feel old! First grade brings a new set of challenges, HOMEWORK All you blind parents out there any tips and tricks for getting through homework time? With my oldest 2 I had a sighted person nearby and this time I definitely do not. Well, not an instant one, smiles. I do have parents of kids that are in Jaydon’s class as well, but any extra tips you can pass along would be great!

Guess who else is growing up too darn fast? That would be my other little guy Kalvin. He will be starting pre-school this year and getting to ride the school bus starting on September 7. OMG, I don’t know who’s going to be upset more, me or Kalvin. We get to meet his bus driver on Monday after I get off work. Crossing fingers and everything else I can that she makes a good impression on Kal, lol.

Ok, that’s it for now. I shall hopefully be back to reviews and updates and all that on a more regular basis again. As long as I can concentrate long enough to remember what I was doing that is, smiles.

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