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Welcome to 2022, it’s been a long time

Welcome to 2022! Here’s hoping that it is better than 2021 which was suppose to be better than 2020!

It’s been a long long time since I actually posted anything going on with me and my crazy nutty life and boys! I promise this year to be better at that, lol. There have definitely been loads of things going on that I have no clue where to start.

Recently you’ve seen several book reviews hit the blog or your emails for those that are subscribed that is a new venture that I got into near the end of last year. I promise as well that that’s not the only things you’ll see posted here, smiles. I will get back to posting about myself, Wren the silly Leader Dog, boys and so much more, honest!

So, some major updates that happened last year because 2020 was too lon ago to remember and I just don’t wanna remember, lol. I am still working at Peckham, which I don’t ever think was mentioned on this blog, but it was on my original blog site. I have been with them for a little over 2 years, can you believe that? I sure can’t. I’m like about to get ready to face the hair pulling experience of dealing with taxes again! Someone please put me out of my misery now! Anyways, last year work wise was the strangest and most annoying time thanks to covid and decisions that make no sense to me, but hey, I just work there. Come Monday I see things being even stranger. I’ll let you know about that on Monday if I remember.

Thanks to internet radio I once again met these really cool friends that live in Canada and hope to meet one day if the damn world ever gets it’s act together. One of them has become a super close friend that I love to pieces, but I swear sometimes I just want to throw things at them or reach through cyberspace and beat them with a wet noodle if it were possible. I can say that because it’s highly likely that if they even read this they will just completely miss this part, mahahahahahh!

I did move into a mobile home park with my boys. Close enough to like having a house, right? Lets just hope it never gets blown away or something. Speaking of being blown away, I also went through my first tornado. Holy hell, I definitely, without a doubt, never ever ever wish to go through another one of those, thank you! However, that experienced cause Jaydon, my now 5 year old to gain an interest in what tornados are all about.

Next thing after that happened at work. i knocked what little brain cells I had left out and gave myself a concussion. Wow, I thought when I did that playing goalball was bad, nope, this was much much worse. I actually had to go to the ER because it scared even me when after a week or so things weren’t getting any better. I seriously don’t recommend running into doorjamss, they hurt when they hit back something my co-workers tease me about on a daily basis! I should pay them back for this.

Finally, for now the last big thing for last year, knock on wood, with the help of a great doctor that pushed and pushed at medicaid I now have a medicine for my headaches that seem to be working. As long as my system doesn’t get use to the med Nurtec, I’m very happy about this development. It has been a very very very long time that I have had just my small headaches from my head injury that caused me to lose my sight and that can be handled by just some aspirin. Fingers crossed that this continues to work and I don’t have to pull my head off or something.

Now off to see if mother nature has given us snow, the witch! Doesn’t she know Christmas is now over and we don’t need snow now? Hopefully if there is I can get video of the boys and Wren playing in it.

Happy New Year!
Life is worth living, so let’s get back to doing so!


  1. Yeah, for whatever reason the first one got tagged and needed my approval that’s why you didn’t see it.

  2. Sorry for the duplication of comments, it didn’t show me my first one for some reason, so I thought it had disappeared and re-wrote it. I’m glad it all worked out in the end. I’m also really glad you found a good medication for your headaches

  3. Yeah, I was so close. In the end though it was a good choice since the school kept having covid cases and had to keep closing.

  4. That’s a shame, but I can totally understand not wanting to wear a mask for such long periods of time. It’s not really for me either, I can stand short periods of time, but really long periods of time is just a bit much

  5. may may

    Hey isabellaallen2014, glad you’re enjoying the updates that are a long time coming, lol. No, I stopped the massage stuff due to covid. Having to wear a mask for 16 hours a day was too much for me.

  6. Thanks for the update. I like your book reviews. I also like hearing about what’s going on though. I guess a mobile home gives you a bit more space than an apartment? Are you still doing your massage course or have you finished that?

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