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My book reviews venture

Good day everyone!

So, as you have noticed my past few messages have been around book reviews, mainly for audiobooks, but I have been doing them for Ebooks as well. I will get those reviews posted to the blog as well because they were some pretty good books to read and you may enjoy them or they may give you ideas on what to read next, smiles. If you come across this post and have suggestions on books to read by all means share them and I will definitely check them out. As long as they don’t put me to sleep I’ll never say no to a new book, smiles. That goes for you authors and narrators out there too!

How this started is that Iabsolutely love love love to read and who better than to write reviews for authors and narrators than those of us that are huge book readers, right? I mean hopefully we’ll be the ones that help the authors and narrators with great honest reviews, be it good bad or somewhere in between.. Authors can write books all they want, but if people don’t give their opinions or help promote the books, then how can they become popular? For example, I just read a book by an author who isn’t a huge fan of promoting his books, so whom better to do so, than those of us that read them and can tell how good or horrible they are?

Along that same path, when thinking of audiobooks, it is the narrator that can make or break a book. I have read some books that could have been awesome to read, but the narrator made me want to run away screaming because they were absolutely terrible at reading. Then you have narrators that bring a book to life and you just have to read just about everything they narrate and cry when they all of a sudden aren’t there any longer!

Now, this isn’t a thing you can get paid for wish is cool for me because I’m not in it for the money. However, if all of a sudden I could get paid for book reviews I so wouldn’t say no, lol. I started doing this more often and reaching out first because I wanted to find new books and authors I haven’t tried yet. Much to my surprise after I reached out I also got to know some narrators and an author. I do hope as I continue my new fun job that I get to meet more authors and narrators and they enjoy the reviews I’ve done for them so far and will recommend me to others out there.

So, back to the books!


  1. May Anderson May Anderson

    I read everything from children’s books to westerns but I stay away from the relaxation type books, smiles.

  2. I am enjoying your book reviews. I have certainly had some narrators who have made or broken a story. What genres do you like? I like all kinds of things, I have recently Red apples never fall by Leanne Moriarty, and how to pick up women with a drunk space ninja so as you can see by just these two, I have quite a wide taste

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