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Ghost and the Midnight Sky by Jason Caldwell

Just like in book one, there is violence so please do not read if it is a trigger for you.


Ghost and the Midnight Sky

was so much better than book one

The Hunt Begins

So much character development that you can feel the disdain, mistrust and the over protectiveness from each person. There were times during the story that I agreed with the assessments. For example, I also believed that Yekong was too obsessed with Cynthia. Like seriously, William is family too, what about him! I also loved the fact that the story took you through the different perspectives from the main characters.

AC Oliver

did a much better job with this book in bringing the characters to life and staying in character for them. It was a lot easier to follow who was who this time around. That creepy scary voice that was used for Alistair at the beginning of book one, he brought back at the end for Ghost! Awesome work!

There is a book 3 in the series that talks about what happens before book one starts. I haven’t listened to that one yet so read it at your own risk, smiles.

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