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Uber Condones Unsafe Behavior by Uber Driver Siad

Warning, this is a little long!

So, I first wasn’t going to write this out but some people had a good point with as many issues happening with Uber lately a text file is better. So, here you go!

My boys father Jerry and I are both totally blind and are 2 boys are both sighted. One little guy is 5 and the other is 3 years old. we use Uber to take the boys to and from school and/or breaks between 2 to 4 times a day depending on the time.

Today March 17, 2022 our trip was pick up by Uber driver Siad somewhere between 4:20 and 4:40PM Eastern time to do the round trip pickup for Kalvin the 3 year old. Jerry, Kalvin’s dad is the one that was the passenger. The pickup from the house went just fine, However, the trouble started once they got to Kalvin’s school.

1. The driver Siad pulls up at the back of the building
2. The driver then gets out and takes the carseat out of the car without letting the blind passenger, the blind parent know they are doing so. Without asking it that’s what is needed.

Things get sorted out there and start on the way back home.

So, on to the next part of the trip where things got really bad.

Jerry calls me on the phone once him and Kalvin are in the car and on the way home. I hear everything that goes on from this point forward.

1. Jerry tells the driver Siad to ignore his gps and go over 4 speed bumps and then turn right onto Holiday Dr. after they have turned onto Lakeshore drive which enters Delhi Manor Mobile Park.
The driver does not listen. Siad decides he’s going to listen to his gps and starts turning right not long after entering the community.

2. Jerry tells the driver not to turn yet and once again to ignore his gps and go over 4 speed bumps, then turn right. Siad starts to turn around while stating I’m trying to find your house.

3. Jerry tells the driver that you’re taking me back to my house, where you picked me up from. Siad proceeds to say, yes yes, I’m trying to find your house and starts driving slowly down the road, but in what direction and what street Jerry has no idea.

4. At some point Siad must have finally gone over 1 speed bump because Jerry tells him to then go over 3 more speed bumps and then turn right. Siad decides that he will start to turn around and go in some other direction.

At this point I can hear in Jerry’s voice that he’s starting to freak out and get scared. I was already freaked out and worried because I had to try and find them and figure out what to do with the 5 year old that is in the house.

Before I can tell Jerry to get out of the car and I’ll figure out how to find him and Kalvin, Jerry’s already told the driver to let them out because he’s uncomfortable since he, meaning the driver Siad wasn’t listening.

So Jerry gets out of the car with Kalvin our 3 year old who knows where in this huge mobile home community and I, another blind person have to try and find him.

So to keep this just a little short, Jerry and Kalvin were found at the front of the community with help of the awesome people that live here, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

After Jerry and Kalvin are safely home we report the driver and mark him with every thing under the sun that was wrong with the trip from communication issues to unsafe drop off location. I even gave a summary of what the issue was. This was there response.

Hi Jarrod,
We’re sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience. We understand your frustration here since your driver didn’t follow your direction and dropped you at the wrong address.
Although we cannot provide a refund, I’ve added $5 in Uber Cash to your account. You can view your Uber Cash balance under the Wallet tab in your app.
Drivers do their best to travel to the exact pick up or drop off locations you requested, but can’t always do so. Some trip experiences may require that you’re picked up or dropped off a short distance from your location.

No worries, I have fully documented your feedback here.
We appreciate your professionalism and understanding.

Let us know if you have other questions, please let us know.
Sent by Jhon on Thursday, March 17, 2022

Where Jerry got out of the car because he was uncomfortable with this driver due to not listening to the passenger and instead following his gps was not near our house. It was not a short distance. A short distance is maybe like one house down or across the street or some such thing, but not way at the front of the mobile home park with a 3 year old child and a car seat. This response from John just shows that he didn’t even read what the issue was and just sent of a standard reply and a standard credit.

I understand John’s response pretty much says, we here at Uber condone what Siad did and don’t care that you were unsafe or uncomfortable. Have 5 dollars and see you next trip.

Hmm, I just noticed that the Uber responder either can’t spell his name or it really is Jhon and not John. Either way I hope someone decides to handle this better and pay attention at Uber.

This was the worse Uber trip and most frightening in all our years of dealing with Uber and if we had eyes that work or trusted friends that could help us out then we’d ditch them in a heartbeat!


  1. This angers me so much. I’ve had a couple cancellations for messaging about my blindness, but uber does nothing. This company does not give a shit at the end of the day, as long as they get their money.

  2. It’s very sad and in this case a child’s safety was also put at risk and Uber does not care. We live here and we know that gps messes up in here a great deal of the time so we say ignore gps for a reason.

  3. Linda Coccovizzo Linda Coccovizzo

    So many times, the blind person is ignored, because… how what a blind person know where to go? So scary, and sad.

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