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Kalvin playing with his race car

Ok, finally I think I got this blasted thing working. Not an easy deal like it use to be, but hey, I’ll take it for now!

So, once more lets try this post of my awesome little guy.

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Would anyone like to have one terrifying 3 year old? No, not terrible 2 or 3, but terrifying! My sweet little snowman is gone gone gone never to return! That pregnancy that would never end is now the silly little guy you see in this video! Hmm, maybe I should say I hope you see in this video, lol.

So Kalvin is now a little over 3 years old and as of last Thursday March 10, 2022 is now registered for Headstart. This means that in September if all goes well he’ll be off to pre-school and gets to ride the bus like his brother Jaydon. Um, different bus of course which will definitely make my bank account happy, lol. No more paying for Uber or Lyft trips except for breaks.

So while I’m waiting for that magical day can someone please please send me a super magic solution on 1, how to get Kalvin back to sleeping in his bed? Sadly ever since we moved to Michigan he’s decided, nope, I must sleep with mommy! 2, I have no idea or more like can’t remember how I did this with Jaydon, but a refresher on getting a monkey boy to go potty? Um, and no, I will not be putting food in the toilet! He use to be pretty regular at Early Headstart, but he’s decided, nope, I don’t wanna and you can’t make me!

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