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The Dying Butterfly by DL Fletcher

Whew, who would have thought that I would even consider reading a story that has to do with a virus that took over the world with the way Covid refuses to let the real world get back to living/ But, I couldn’t resist seeing what

D.L Fletcher

had to share with

The Dying Butterfly

OMG, warning! What a story! This will make you laugh at some of the things that goes on and definitely bring tears to your eyes the next moment. Instead of hiding away and waiting for the world to get back to what use to be normal everyone that was healthy fought to survive and make a new life with what they had and could find. The creativity and hard work put into making a village above ground and below was amazing.

Right off the bat I have to say I thought I gave my kids interesting nicknames that could embarrass them as they got older, but nooooooo! What do you think of the nickname Rodent for your child? Yep, you read that right, Rodent! I couldn’t help but laugh every time I heard Holly called that by her mom or dad.

Reading this story brought back memories of going through the beginning of Covid. Brad the neighbor and holly’s dad bought all the important things you could think of, batteries, water, gas, food and medical supplies for example in bulk. So much so that all Holly and her mom could do was roll their eyes thinking the men were going overboard. Then that time came when the stores couldn’t keep the shelves stocked or the trucks couldn’t even make it to the stores safely, the lights went out and life as you knew it was over and those preparations came in handy.

Like Holly I also wondered both in the story and in real life what was the point of the questionnaires? People had no clue what to do when some people answered yes to some of the questions. I have to agree that the the health people had to feel like they were doing something, but what that something was, no one knows. Where do you go, how do you react, what do you say to a person that answers yes?

There are several times during the story that Holly definitely shows her selfishness. She gets an dea in her head and it just has to be done no matter what, act first and thinks later. Made me want to reach through the book and shake her! lol.

This is another story narrated by

Heidi Bindhammer

and wow she does a great job! The emotion she puts behind each character and situation is terrific. I mentioned at the beginning that this story would make you want to cry and it’s due to Heidi that those situations will become real to you.

Hope should never die!

Awesome job to Heidi and DL Fletcher for a great story! I look forward to reading more hopefully with the same combination of author and narrator.

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