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The Hunt Begins by Jason Caldwell

Good day!

I’m here to bring you another audiobook by

Jason Caldwell


The Hunt Begins

does have severe violence. So if violence isn’t your thing, do not read!

Once I started this book I could not put it down. So it was a good thing I actually started the story on a night I didn’t have work the next day because I’d be too tired for that. What kept me reading was the connections and action with each sibling’s meeting. It was great to see that it wasn’t sunshine and roses whenever they found each other. All I have to say about the ending is, “seriously” way to leave you wanting to know what’s next. What’s next for Alistair, Ghost and the second sister? Those three make an interesting working team.

AC Oliver

does a good job narrating this book. I did have to do some mental switching when he started using a different, more regular type of tone when reading Alistair. I’m not sure if it is on purpose or it just happened, but I did notice that depending on the situation Alistair was in, depended on the style of voice that was used. For example, if it was time to kick some butt it was the I mean business, deep kind of style and when it was just normal like when he was talking to his siblings or William and such it was just a regular style of voice. Also, I think in the beginning the Alistair style kick butt voice was much better than later in the book. The style wasn’t quite the same, close, but slightly off in the deep, scary, I mean business.

Look forward to the next book in the series.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have to go read this book sometime soon

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