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Hop on the Bus by Jason Caldwell

For those of you that truly understand the trials of having a disability this story will reach you emotionally in some way.

Hop on the Bus

written by Jason Caldwell

When I first saw this title, I was like, erm, what? I had no idea what to expect because the title gives you no clue on the story. Good, bad, funny? Well, you finally get to see where the title comes from in the book, so make sure to read to the end!

There were many times during the story that I found myself wanting to cry either happy tears or sad ones. Gus goes through so much, but refuses to let it completely get him down. He keeps moving forward towards his goal by stepping out of his comfort zone one step at a time. He may not have the words exactly, but he has the heart.

AC Oliver
does a totally awesome job of reading this book. He not only gives each character their own voice, but you will feel the different emotions or connections that each situation calls for. One of my favorite parts is when pop to Gus’s absolute horror shows up to help deal with the bullies. I just had to chuckle while listening. On the other end of the scale I had to cry during a very touching part when Gus gives Shannon her gift. What gift you ask? Well, read the book to find out and let AC Oliver take you through the tale! You won’t regret it!

I do hope there will be more to the series.

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