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The Holiday Swap by Maggie Knox

OMG, the sisters swapping spells all sorts of trouble. I can see things going so terribly wrong when Charlie first voiced the idea.

And I wasn’t wrong!

The Holiday Swap


Maggie Knox

is a cute Christmas story that will have you doing anything from rolling your eyes to crying at parts. Well, it did for me anyways.

I was afraid that once the swap happened between the sisters that everything would get boring and Cass would solve Charlie’s annoying Austin problems and Charlie would finally get Bret to see that he needs to get a clue by four, but in the nice nothing’s happening here way. Whew, boy was I happy to see that trouble happened from day one of the swap!

With the first disaster I was so thinking, well hell, that swap didn’t last long, they’ll get discovered before the day even gets started good. Whooops, bad time to fall asleep there Charlie!

For me I enjoyed it more when the story was focused on Cass, there was just a bit more action going on there. There’s a bit more character interaction and more of the amusing, how do I get out of this jam moments.

Sour dough starter face mask?

When it’s focused on Cass this is when the narrator

Stephanie Cannon

could portray more of the different people involved. I think she does a good job of showing how much of a pain in the arse Austin is as well as annoying! I absolutely love the, Oh My God, the world is ending dramatic tone or bubbly, make you want to tie her to a chair tone that she gives Piah.

Here’s a slight spoiler.

I had to chuckle when finally Austin got what was coming to him while they were on camera. The poor thing just couldn’t rise to the occasion!

If you want to see what that’s about and what happens for the 12 days before Christmas then go get the book. It’s a light read, but still amusing in parts. Remember if you are a softy as well, get some tissues!

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