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The Drive By Wife by Mike Wells

Sighs, I guess one day it had to come. I’ve been really into writing book reviews for authors and narrators for a little over a year now and I just now came to my first review that is a negative review and I seriously thought about not posting it, but that’s not right either. I can’t always post nice or midline reviews, must have the bad with the good, right?

Well, here goes and my apologies to the author in advance.

The Drive-By Wife


Mike Wells

was just beyond words and not of the take my breath away kind. It’s more like the I’m speechless because I have no idea what to say regarding this book.

Spoiler moment:
The plot of this story was just so unbelievable in so many ways. Like seriously, your ass is unconscious and buried in sand, so how are you going to all of a sudden get up and be able to stock the people that hurt you. Like I get some stories have some, WTH, moments that leave you shaking your head or wondering what the heck will happen next, but things just get worse from here.

Now granted there are some that definitely like this story, but I definitely am not one of them and here’s why.

Who in their right mind would go along with this set up that the dead, but not dead guy comes up with? When he finally confronts his killers you think he’d ask for something that makes sense, right?

Nope, wrong answer! He gives them no choice but to go along with this messed up plan of his. And, and, to make matters even more screwed up Cynthia starts to feel sorry for the dead, but not dead guy!

I’ll stop there because I don’t want to throw in too many spoilers because then you may hate me for doing so, smiles. Who knows, you may end up being one that likes this story.

A good thing about The Drive By Wife is the narrator

Mark Torres

He has a great reading voice for this book and that’s what held my attention and kept me reading until the end to see how things turned out. This is one of those cases where the narrator drives the book.

In fact, I think Mark Torres would have been another great narrator for Mike’s other book that I reviewed

Baby Talk

I’m not sure how this look in print format but I believe the audio one is all of the books in this series. Some reviews I read said that this was a series and the books were very short, but I didn’t find that with the audio format. Just something to be aware of in case you decide to check out this book and get the print or EBook format.

Well, onto my next read. Maybe one day I’ll catch a Mike Wells book that catches my attention, smiles.

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