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Mrs. May Is Well and Truly Dead by Sandy McKee

OMG, what an awesome murder mystery that will have you laughing one moment and shaking your head the next. I absolutely loved the characters. Even thoguh it’s a small town they aren’t stumbling around wondering what to do next. The chief makes sure his team keeps up their training and the dismay of the councilman who believes they shouldn’t be waisting the town money in that manner.

Ha, the councilman also thinks there’s some crime spree going on and isn’t too pleased being interrupted when trying to tell about this spree when the murder is discovered and off the chief runs to find out what’s going on.

My favorite characters in this story are Rose, one of the police officers, who is determined the husband did it and wants to strangle him or shoot him. It’s a toss up on which she would prefer if the chief would let her, lol. Next is the husband who’s so innocently stupid that it’s funny. Like he seriously makes you think that he is the murderer with his behavior and things that he says. Of course he also makes me want to reach through the book and strangle him too. Then you have Giddy, sorry if her name isn’t spelled right determined that no matter what the winter festival needs to go on, murder or not. In fact, she even tells the officers that they should look for things to go in the festival while they or wandering around the city looking for clues. Like seriously!

One of my favorite parts is how they actually caught the murderer and it is someone that you probably wouldn’t look at right away.

The narrator

Theo Holland

does a great job. He really brings the characters to life. One part that I eally like that he does is during the meeting is when all the characters are talking he actualy has it so that you hear all of them. He doesn’t do one voice at a time. I have never heard this in other books, usually it’s multiple narrators, but this time it’s just Theo.

This is suppose to be the first book in the series so I can’t wait for more by

Sandy McKee

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