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The battle concludes

Finally, here is the conclusion of a battle I had to take with my ex in-laws. They didn’t make it easy, but nothing ever is, right?

A quick recap for those that have not read the other 2 post in this thread.

I had to take my in-laws to court because they refused to let my daughter come here to visit me for a week instead of me going where they live for a week. My daughter has been staying with her grandparents after her father and I separated, ugly mess I tell you, but anyways. While I had to get myself sorted and a lot of other unpleasantness it was only fair to do what was also best for my daughter and staying with her grandparents was best. All parties then agreed, no court crap then. Hard decisions, but needed to be done.

Well, for years my daughter did not strongly show interest in wanted to come to where I lived and I was fine with that. she’s a huge grandpa’s girl too. Last year on my visit that all changed. My daughter stated everyday that she wished to come here. She made her request known to her grandparents, they ignored her. I made the request known in writing and they chose to deny it. I took them to court.

Finally, this month a decision was made and my daughter and i won our request. Sadly I miss my visit this year because this went on longer than I liked, but that’s ok. Next year my daughter will be coming to visit me here in Ottawa which she has been wanted to do for over a year now.

Now here’s the annoying draw back. Her grandmother who speaks negatively about me while I’m visiting there and who made up shit during the court battle also has to come along on my daughter’s visit.

*great* lucky me. Now I have to put up with the woman here in my comfort zone!

Not only that, I have to pay for her ticket, plus her accommodation. *growls* WTF! The lovely grandmother told the judge that she can’t afford the ticket and nor should she have too.

Well, my thinking is, they knew this was coming and if she so dead set on tagging along to save up the money and stop traveling else where. If I have to save up the money to pay my daughter’s way, which i’m fine with doing and have a year to do so, then damn it so can she! Or at least pay her own damn hotel stay. They work, I do not!

The grandmother had the nerve to ask or maybe her lawyer did to ask if we had the room for her to stay here as well or if it was just enough room for my daughter.

*sighs* seriously! You have the nerve to ask that after telling my daughter she can’t visit here cause my house is dirty when you’ve never seen it, but my daughter has through FaceTime.

She or the lawyer had the nerve to ask that after making things up about me, *rolls eyes* honestly!!!

The purpose of this was to spend time in my comfort zone with my daughter and have mother daughter time, not mother daughter and negative grandma time still just in a different location.

I understand being concerned first trip for my daughter here and all that and everyone wanting to make sure she’s comfortable and blah blah, but me have to pay for the woman who hates me and sees her son as doing no wrong, that he shits roses, I’m not cool with! Maybe if the owe so *lovely* grandmother would have done things differently and not tried to make up shit during this time I’d feel differently, but she’s made it now where I absolutely hate her and I don’t hate many people.

So, that’s that. I won the battle with a side annoyance factor. Chapter closed!

Sorry for the rant too. It’s awesome news, but I had to get out my frustration too, *smiles*

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