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One week to go!

Oh no! My vacation is almost over. Stop, someone slow down time. I’m not ready yet!

I have one week of vacation left, but somewhere in this one week span I have to get 3 chapters read for the first week of class.


That’s right I said 3 chapters, *sighs*

On May 5th I have my first class at Carleton University and the course will definitely be intense and fast pace.

Childhood in the Global Context on Monday and Wednesdays from 11:35 to 2:25. Like I said 3 chapters to read for the first week and the first assignment due the second week along with 2 more chapters or maybe it was 5, *cries* I can’t remember already!

What was I thinking in wanting my first ever classes at a university level to be during the summer? I must be out of my mind!

Help help, I’m nuts and I can’t run away!!!

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