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GDB application update

Hello there and welcome to a brief update on where my guide dog journey stands.

Apparently my silly doctor missed a whole back side of the form he was suppose to fill out, *grumbles* So this means that I will either have to go back there or maybe I’ll get lucky and Patty the person who I guess oversees my application at the moment will try and reach him by phone and get it filled out that way.

*sighs* darn delays.

So, sadly I’m “still” waiting on that home visit call and now waiting to find out what happens with my doctors form.

I’ll check in with them again in a week or so and if still no luck with the doc I’ll run back over to see him since i still have a copy of the form as well.

Ha, the funny thing is that apparently my doctor has horrible writing. Don’t all doctors? *snickers* The nurses at GDB couldn’t read it at all.

That’s all for now. Update you when I know more.


  1. It’s definitely annoying since it’s putting things on hold, *growls* They still haven’t heard back from my doctor so looks like I’m going to have to take another trip out to see him.

  2. grrr. Hate crap like that.

    I see more and more doctors typing now…which I think is awesome!

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