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Scent Free Cabs?

Schools, work places and hospitals are all trying very hard to be scent free environments so that individuals like myself that suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity don’t have to stay locked in their own homes. Sadly though not everyone is aware that this is an actual disability as well. Some people also figure that if they don’t smell anything or that it’s not too strong for them, then it will be fine for us. Wrong! It can sometimes be extremely bad for us: for example, could cause someone to pass out if they have a strong reaction.

Anyways, the purpose of this post is to say that I believe there should be scent free cabs as well. Some of these cabs drivers ride around in their cars with the windows up and it strongly smelling of whatever scent is in their car. Well, in some cases it could also be that they haven’t had a shower in like forever, but that’s another matter.

I know we can’t go around telling people not to have nice smelly stuff in their cars, but if they are serving the public and it’s a very enclosed space then they should also be conscience of those that could get in their cars and have MCS. Unfortunately you can’t always have the window down to try and circulate the over powering smell. I mean I’ll do it if I really need to so I don’t pass out on the way home, but I don’t want to freeze to death either.


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