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Great Way to Start the Day

Last night was a total pisser. That stupid mother nature came to pay me a visit and she’s freaken early! Can someone please remind me why it is I decided to stop taking the depo shot? *growls* I hate mother nature.

This morning on the other hand was a great way to start the day.

Once again I passed my Sociology test with flying colors. Guess that makes up for the test I took last week in Addictions and know for sure that I didn’t do that well on. I was feeling pretty depressed about that, but this helps a little.

Kind of funny that the one class that I’m not exactly interested in is the one class that doesn’t have me lost without really having a book that I have good marks in. Figure that one.

Ah well, now to prepare for the next test which is sex. Anyone want to take that one for me?



  1. james james

    Why do you hate me so…

  2. Ah yes. Guess that would be a good reason.

    Must have that little Kevin James right, right?

  3. james james

    You stopped taking the shot because we want a kiddo, darlin’.

    *** This reminder brought to you by request. And by caffeine. Because everything is brought to you by caffeine. ***

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