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Settling in with Lacey

Lets introduce you to the newest member of Noah’s ark *name of our house on foursquare* Her name is Lacey, formally Nova. She’s a lab and who knows what else mix. The SPCA says rotty, but I’m thinking more shepherd due to her behaviour and some of her looks. Maybe the vet will be able to say. She’s about a year old and as cute as a button and I’ll have a picture of her up as soon as we can find someone to do that.

Once we got her home and things settled down a bit from our weekend trip at the parents things got a bit interesting. Miss Lacey instantly bonded with me from when we first met her on Friday, but only after a few hours of being with us last night she refused to have me out of her sight, *panics* What problem can this pose when I have to go to school? Maybe it’s just the first night jitters? *hopefully*

Now onto this morning:

Whew! Awesome, she’s not going to have a cow everytime I leave the rom. *lucky for James* Looks like it was just for that first night, but she does still look for me just not as bad.

Now unlucky for me I got to take both Noah and Lacey out around 7 this morning and it was freaken -1 outside. Who the heck told it to get that darn cold right now? I demand they turn the heat back up just a bit!

So, the SPCA also says that Lacey is a dominant dog. Ok awesome, but um, wait, *looks around for that dominant dog* I don’t think so. If she’s dominant then Noah is a cat.

After they both had breakfast and did their thing outside we gve them a little free time and it was sooooo cute.

Lacey, oo I found a bone and will sit here and chew on it.
Noah, hey mom that’s my bone and I want it.

Ok, so lets distract Lacey from the bone by me play fighting with Noah.

Noah, ha, my bone now. Thanks Lacey.
Lacey, oh no, mom I lost the bone *curls up next to me and stares at Noah*

Hmm, ok so lets distract Noah by rolling around the floor with Lacey and see what happens.

Lacey, *cheers* my bone again. Take that Noah.

This went on for at least 30 minutes. The game finally had to come to an end because hell I needed some sleep and for now both pups need both of our supervision.

Lacey and I had our power struggle this afternoon as well, but she lost. Maybe one day she’ll figure that out. Outside means time to walk and do business and not try to go try and see other dogs. Fun times!

So for now that’s all. More as things progress.



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