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Enemy Immortal by Jim Meeks-Johnson

First, to Jim Meeks-Johnson and AC Oliver, sorry this review took me so long to get too. Thanks for your patience and caring these last couple of months.

Now to what you have been waiting for! Ha, and most likely already halfway done with book 3 or something in the series!

If you are into hard sci-fi then you need to read book 1

Enemy Immortal

the Entangled Galaxy series written by

Jim Meeks-Johnson

This is a fast pace action book that will have you wanting to continue reading just to see what happens next. It does jump around but that’s because action is happening in several different locations, so watch out for that. I did get lost a few times. If you thought male chauvinist were bad wait until you hear the different species going at each other. The plant one, sorry, I’m not even going to try and spell the names from this story, ha, really made me want to reach through the book and strangle them.

I would have liked to see more of Jade and the plant thing interact and establish who had the power more. One moment Jade was the boss and she was comfortable, then she was stepping back because the plant thing was more assertive. If Jade was suppose to lead the crew, then again in my opinion have her step up always and not waffle. Put the plant thing in its place from the start.

One part I thought could be better.
If romance was going to be in the story then I think it would have been better showing up sooner and not just thrown in there near the end of the story. To me that seemed kind of, hmm, let’s do something with these two and make it quick. It didn’t seem real or believable to me. Just something to fill the last few pages of the book, you know?

A narrator plays a huge part in audio books. They can make or break a good book and this my friends is a good book with a great narrator who has gotten better which each new book he has performed. I mention this because of the different characters, plots and action going on everywhere you need a narrator that will keep you wanting to listen. Someone that will draw you into the story even if it’s not your type of book. So thank you Jim for picking such a great person to perform this book.

In my opinion this is the second best narration by

AC Oliver

He does an awesome job at making each character unique and with their own voice and tone Including my favorite, his creepy sounding don’t mess with me voice. I knew the moment I heard that voice in the first few sentences of listening that I wouldn’t be able to put the book on hold, lol. So I had to read this story when I didn’t have work the next days, meaning, over the weekend. What I also noticed was that AC Oliver for some of the voices have the auditorium sounding effect and that brings another cool element into the story.

I received a free copy of this book from the narrator AC Oliver and the review is given freely and my true opinions.


  1. Awesome! I look forward to the next book. I have you marked as a favorite on audible so one way or the other I’ll know when it’s there, smiles.

  2. First of all, thanks for listening to Enemy Immortal. Second, thanks for this thoughtful review. I wanted to let you know that book 2 (Umlac’s Legacy) continues the power struggle between Jade and the Dasypods (aka plant things) as a significant secondary plot. The talented A C Oliver is already far along in recording Umlac’s Legacy, and the audiobook should be out around the end of September (This is just a guess, no firm publication date has been set yet.) I hope you listen to and enjoy Umlac’s Legacy when it drops!

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