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GDB home visit with Chuck

Well, last night I had my home visit with Chuck from Guide Dogs for the Blind and I think it went pretty good.

Meeting Chuck in person definitely erased the first impression I got of him which wasn’t in the best of circumstances dealing with a GDB grad, *smiles* It’s nice to see that Chuck is a person that definitely pays attention to detail when it comes to the matching process and explains things so that i wasn’t left wondering, “what the hell is he talking about/”

We went over a brief description of the 2 campuses, Oregon and California. Sorry, I still want to go to Cali! But I’ll take whichever campus has a match for me first.

He mentioned that GDB can have up to 137 puppies born in one month. *gasps* how in the world do you find a name for that many puppies? Like especially when you get to the letter x or z, *boggles*

Then he described to me the layout of the rooms and what’s in them. *wows* a flat screen tv, really in the rooms and a fridge? All I’ll need is my keurig machine and I’ll be set, *chuckles*

Then we came to the fun part, the walk and the Juno walk.

Chuck decided he would have me do a route that I haven’t done in like over a year, *cries*

Somehow, I managed not to kill myself, but I did have one scary moment. I thought that I timed a crossing wrong, but *whew* I didn’t die and Chuck didn’t yell at me, so guess all is right with the world and that car was just eager to get moving.
I did ask Chuck if he’d fail me if I managed to somehow throw my cane under a train, ha! He just laughed at me.

*chuckles* he thinks I was kidding. I really would have, but then I wouldn’t have a way home, *sighs*

Anyways, on to the Juno part!

o Juno took me for a walk down the street and he was a good boy until he confused me.

*scratches head*

What the hell is up with the way GDB holds their leashes? I think that’s the strangest way I’ve ever seen. You just put the leash between your index finger and thumb and it just hangs there. I can so see myself getting beat up by instructors for not holding the leash that way or having my thumb in the right spot!

I’m so not use to holding the leash that way that somewhere along the way I stopped holding part of the darn thing and it was just flopping around, *grumbles and curses* Who came up with this method?

Anyways, on to walking again. so we’re cruising along and Juno decides to get distracted, *sighs* distractions while I’m trying to wrap my head around this leash thing. anyways, right distracted dog, new command for me to learn, *cheers*

Time out!

What, what’s that?

Oh, well, that’s a neat little command you don’t say anything just do a few leash hand switching and stand there. Eventually you’re dog will settle down. *whew* one would hope so. If not, well then guess you’ll be standing there a while. Wish I knew about this technique with Noah and squirrels, hahahahha!

Sorry Noah!

Oh yeah, must remember to food treat Juno he starts to get cranky, *whoops*

So after I put Juno in time out, he decides to be a good boy, off we go again, but damn he goes and gets distracted again. This time Juno needs a leash correction.

*whew* he didn’t yelp so I didn’t manage to correct him too hard, but I got his attention and off we go. U-turn back home.

All went well, Juno and I survived and once again Chuck didn’t yell at me, *smiles*

However, he did have to go and put a concern in my head, *sighs* figures. Nothing can ever go really smooth eh?

Well, GDB makes contacts with other schools that you went too and I DO NOT have a good relationship or respect for the Seeing Eye since my last dog from them. This concerns me cause I’d hate for this one bad incident with the Seeing Eye to damage my chances of getting a dog from GDB. The Seeing Eye screwed up and tried to place blame on me to keep the story very very short and I’d hate to pay for that years after the fact.

Other than that huge stressful issue I believe the visit went well and now I wait to see what happens. Will update again when I know something.


  1. Ah ok cool, so no big huge difference there. Just the command is different.

    i think there was something else I wanted to know about as well, but I’ll need to find the right lecture.

    Wait wait wait! I hate waiting. *sighs*

  2. Ah over here. it’s just tap your right leg and then bring the dog around behind me so you won’t womple them with the door. Then you go heel to get them back to their right spot once you’re in the womple-free zone.

  3. Oh yeah and I totally forgot about a guide dog command I wanted to ask him about while he was here, *grumbles* I had to go back and listen to the lectures to find out what it was. Now I have to wait to see what it is really like if all goes well and I get in.

    The command is “over here.” I understand what it is, i just wanted to see how they do it. Ah well.

  4. hahahha, that’s ok now you just have the answer twice. Here and on twitter.

    The way I always hold the leash is to slip it over my wrist and then hold the handle of the harness.s. GDB’s way I feel like the leash can just up and disappear, lol.

    Yes, I am glad that I have CGDB as another school they can call since I know the Seeing Eye depending on whom is doing what these days holds things against some people that was years and years ago. They don’t do it to all, but some.

    I wish I could have shown him what I was like with a busy street crossing, but the one by my house I’m not comfortable doing with just a cane. So sadly he didn’t get to observe me with that part.

    Yes, you worried Chuck soooo much that he hasn’t turned in any reports yet, lol. I called them on Thursday I believe it was to make sure this time all my doc reports will filled out right. But, nothing from Chuck was there yet so they told me to try back next week if I don’t hear anything.

    I really do hope everything goes ok and I get in. Then I really really hope I get the Cali campus and the class date I asked about. Ha, right if a match will happen that quick.

  5. Well I suppose I should just look at your blog instead of asking dumb questions on Twitter.

    I’m so glad you had a good Chuck visit. He is a very good guy. I jokingly say he’s part cyborg because he always remembers things reeeeally really well.

    They should also talk to CGDB, so it’s not just Seeing Eye they’re going on.

    I’ve been a bad timeout user. Usually when something is going on, a timeout doesn’t feel like a good fit. But the times I have used it, it’s been good.

    And this leash thing? How did you used to hold your leash? I’m sure they’d be fine with you holding your leash however you want…as long as it works. Lots of people come in with various techniques and stuff.

    Hopefully he submits your report soon. I know he didn’t get back until the weekend and then I terrorized him when it looked like I would be in the hospital for an indefinite period. Man, you say the words “Chuck, I’m in the hospital” and you get a call back lickity split! Even if it’s on a Saturday!

    Hope you hear something soon. Waiting sucks.

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