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Nerves strike again

Well, those darn nerves are striking again can you believe that?

I’ve been with James for 5 months now and it’s been awesome. We hit it off from day one much to both of our shock, *smiles*

Even though I’ve already met some of his family and spent time out at as I call them now too, mum and dads I still get nervous thinking of meeting more family members that I don’t know yet. Like this holiday I’ll be spending it with him and who knows who else out in Pedawawa.

They’ll probably have things for me and I don’t have anything for them in return. Not so sure I’m comfortable with this. James of course would tell me not to worry, ha, fat chance of that.

Ah well, nerves and all I’m so lucky forward to this holiday with someone that makes me very happy and having loads of pumpkin pie? *nudge nudge mum*



  1. Cat Cat

    Tsk tsk, language young man!

    That’s it you go to the corner right now and no pumpkin pie for you. Which means more for me, yay!


  2. james james

    1: Don’t worry already. You’ll be fine. Seriously. Stop. Right now. You’re still worrying. Knock it off. Stooooooooooop iiiiiiiiiit!
    2: You’re showing up, and this time, you’re leaving the sick in Ottawa. That’s enough for us. Money’s tight pretty much everywhere.
    3: Keep your fucking hands off my fucking pumpkin fucking pie, you hear me? LOL

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