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Know any good books?

I love reading and always on the look out for great books to read. I read everything from childrens books to westerns.

I even read non-fiction books like Ann Rule. In fact, she’s one of my favourites.

So if anyone out there has great books that you’ve read or might be reading soon please post them here. Hell even if you know of books that were absolutely horrible in your opinion post that too.

Don’t be a stranger and send up your book reviews.



  1. Cat Cat

    Hmm, now that’s one I haven’t read. I’ll see about finding that one.

    I’ve read others by her that are good. I’ll post those reviews at some point. As soon as I find the name of the damn series, lol.

  2. touch and go by Lisa gardner’s a good book, except the ending, I wasn’t that thrilled with it. I need to listen to it again, I think I might have missed something and that’s why I’m wondering where the rest of it is.

  3. Cat Cat

    Oo, yes I read that series, but it’s been a while. I liked the first one for sure.

  4. ceci ceci

    If you haven’t read it, a song of ice and fire!

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