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Greenbank Towers tries to screw blind tenant

This will be a pretty long post. You have been warned.

Greenbank Towers currently managed by Paramount Property made a huge mistake in September and tried to make it out that they weren’t at fault and that I was.

Starting in June of this year Greenbank Towers started taking their rent of $859 directly from my bank account. This was great for me since it meant there was one less thing I had to concern myself about. For the months of June, July and August things ran smoothly, but along came September. All of a sudden Greenbank Towers forgot about rent. After a week went by I checked in with the property manager for these apartments and was told to just hang tight due to the holiday and rent would come out. Another week went by and rent was still sitting in my bank account so I checked again with the rental office. Once again I was told just to wait and rent would come out. I offered to pay went directly with my bank card, but it was refused. Again time went by and rent was still sitting in my account. I checked in once more and guess what I got?

Yep, I got the same. Rent will come out just wait. I once again stated I would pay rent directly with my bank account and the rental office refused. I finally had enough of this and gave up asking.

The end of September came around and my rent was still sitting in my bank account of $859 so I put that money towards my tuition for school. I had no idea what Greenbank Towers and Paramount Property was doing and I was past tired of getting the run around with it.

Now here’s where Greenbank Towers tries to screw their blind tenet over their mistake.

October rolled around about a week after Thanksgiving and I get a phone call asking about when I planned on paying rent from September of $859? Seriously! They were now going to come and ask me about rent? So I went over with them what things took place during that month and the part everyone played.

Of course they didn’t want to hear that they messed up. They claimed that they tried to take rent, but it wasn’t going through. Um hello, huge lie. If there was a bank problem why not say so right away? Why wait a whole month later? But that’s ok it was a lie anyway. Greenbank Towers did not even attempt to take rent since RC showed no record of this. How is it you all of a sudden are having trouble taking rent from this account when it worked fine the months before?

Greenbank Towers along with Paramount Property wanted to argue with me over this and then state that I knew rent needed to be paid and that I should have made other arrangements to do so. WTF, did people forget that I did just that and it was refused? What were they smoking?

Well, then it came down to the when can you put some money toward this balance? I explained to them that since I’m on low income it would be a while but it would get paid. I had no problem paying them the $859. I knew they should have their money, but I also wasn’t going to break my back trying to do so since I did all I could back in September. Greenbank and Paramount wanted half of the rent and wanted it right away despite me telling them it was not possible. I explained to them that since Septembers rent went towards school I would then use the income for school to cover rent whenever I got that payment. I sadly couldn’t give a date because I had no control over that.But guess what? Greenbank and Paramount wanted not to hear that and they kept pushing. So I took another step because I felt I was entering a bad situation and needed some help.

I called a lawyer and got advice on what to do. I explained the whole situation with time line and all and stated my concerns. I was told by the lawyer that I did everything in my power to get things resolved before and Greenbank and Paramount were now in the wrong for pushing. I was advised to write everything down and mail everyone involved and state when I’d make the payment and leave it at that. I was also told that if things got worse, meaning an eviction notice to involve the lawyer further.

Well, things rent wise are now resolved and I didn’t have to call the lawyer for this matter, but Greenbank Towers and Paramount Property has lost my respect and made it so I no longer feel comfortable living in this building or any that is run by them.

Of course there’s another reason I’m not comfortable here as well, but I won’t get into that. I believe this is bad enough for now.


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