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My road to Carleton University

Whew, I’m like so so far behind on this post. So much to update on and more to come later this month.

I mentioned that this summer I would be making yet another school change. This time I’m heading to a bigger ocean and I’m completely terrified. My confidence is definitely not high as far as school goes. Algonquin College and I aren’t the best match. The last 3 years I spent arguing with or frustrated with them. But, that time is coming to an end and a new huge chapter is about to begin. so lets tell you about it.

Starting in January, i started learning my way around Carleton University and man that is one huge confusing campus, *whew* I thought getting use to Algonquin and their ABC system was bad, but nope, Carleton definitely has me a bit nervous. I have to get use to names now instead of letters. I’ve already mixed up building names and It’s March and I still managed to get lost in the library, lol. What will it be like when I start in May? *snicker*

Near the end of January I applied to Carleton to become a special student and begin my journey to becoming a Carleton student. I figured I’d start as a special student instead of falling right into the program, get my foot in the door and hopefully a successful start.

So, I went with the quickest way and filled the app out on campus, hate waiting when I don’t have too, *smiles* and oh no! I hear,

“We moved over to a new system so it might be a while before we start processing summer registrations.”

*gasp* no no, this can’t be. ah well. Wait I must. So, I stuck in my head that I won’t hear anything until at least mid-February.

Ha, boy was I wrong. On February 3, 2014 I became a Carleton special student. *whew* I’m on my way now! Now I can really get things moving that needed me to have a student card to do so.

Go through the steps to be put into Carleton’s system, *check* OMG, their site took some getting use too, lol
Set up my Carleton email, *check* Yeah that’s all I needed, yet another email to watch. Whew, good thing it’s an easy one.
Register with the PAUL MENTON CENTRE so I can get all the disability support stuff, *check* Hmm, my worker um, well . . .
Still learning/getting lost around campus, *check* but boy it’s so much fun!
Making connections before I start in may, *check* i’m doing good, don’t you think?

Well, whoops, can’t move any further on what I’d like to do until I’m registered in the actual summer courses. Bah, boo hiss! I have to wait until March 27th for that. What is this world coming too?

Ah well, the waiting hasn’t been a waist. I’ve had loads of fun getting to know my way around Carleton as I’ve said. Thanks to one of the Shout Sister Choir members telling me about projects some of her students in the Industrial Program at Carleton are working on, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting students and getting their take on Carleton and overall still nervous as hell, but getting a tiny bit better.

Another awesome thing I found out is that Carleton has a track team and I will be going next Tuesday to see what their practice is like and maybe join after I get settled in I miss being involved in some kind of sport and I haven’t done track things in years and years, so I’m looking forward to this. It will be a new experience for me since for the running events I’ll have a guide and I’ve never quite gotten the hang of running with someone. Hmm, definitely can’t wait to see how that plays out. More news on this next week.

As of today, I still have 2 huge steps:

get financial aide switched over from one school to the other. Hope I don’t need my student card for that, *sighs* better find that out.
get my student card. Is it March 27th yet?

More on my Carleton experience as it comes. Hopefully this time not like months from now, *smiles*



  1. Hmm, nope I’d call that a 2 cent tour, but now on the other hand I can drag you to Starbucks with me, lol.

    Ah yes, wing night as soon as we have a um, Tuesday night I think free or was that Monday nights? lol

  2. I even got a 5-cent tour around the parts of the university she knows. Going on that and what I know from people I know who’ve gone there, yeah it’ll be insane crazy.

    Related: we still need to hit us up a wing night! *nods*

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