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The battle begins, part2

Well, while I have a moment to think straight and not emotionally torn up inside let me give an update.

In a previous post or 2 I mentioned that I had to take a step I did not wish to take of fighting my ex-inlaws so that my daughter could come here to visit instead of me going there. At the end of this month hopefully the first court date has been set. February 27, 2014 at 10AM. It’s only tentative because they could still get lawyers and then draw the process out even longer.

Do I feel horrible that things had to go this way, of course, but more for my daughter because for whatever reason the adults in this situation on that end of the scale pushed things in this direction. They are choosing to be selfish and out right ignore her. Why? Who knows.

i have not mentioned names in any of the post regarding this situation, but those that know me know who is involved. I also ask that you do not mention names for privacy reasons at this time if you decide to make comments on this thread as I go through it.

I’ll let you all know what happens as they progress.


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