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Track after years away

One of the many things I discovered about Carleton university after I started learning my way around campus and making contacts since I’ll be starting there in May is the fact they have a track team, yay!!! I have not run track for years and years, definitely not since I moved to Canada, but now I have the opportunity.

On Tuesday night I had my reintroduction into the track world, *smiles* I am seriously wondering though, will I never find a sport where practice is not over a hour away from my house, *groans* Nice weather not so bad, but ugh, cold snowy weather, yeah, no fun!!

Anyways, Tuesday night was just a little meet and greet and to get a feel for what the team is like and how they work with blind athletes. Find out what costs are involved and all that important fun stuff.

The cost for the first year is like 730, *groans* but luckily that doesn’t have to pay in one shot, *whew*

I really need to find my dream job to pay for my expensive ventures.

The biggest thing for me when I join the Ravens will be getting use to depending on my guide for running or for field events depending on my own sense of timing so that I know where things are, for example when I try long jumps or triple jumps, whew, this is going to be fun!! In the states when I was on the track team it was different. we didn’t run with guides, but like had a cable type deal to slide our hand across for certain type running events. Now for the long distance running they had a guide, but different technique there too.

For the field events like long jumping those that were totally blind did so by standing on the platform and then jumping.

*gasps* that won’t be that way now!!! I have to make sure my stride is always the same and know where the platform is so that I know when to jump, um, or trip and go flying, ha!

I don’t need to say that the thought of that is completely terrifying, but I’m soooo looking forward to it. If I can jump out of a perfectly good airplane I should be able to do this, right? Right?

Well, for now it was suggested that I get use to the whole running idea again, get comfortable and a routine going and then start throwing in the new things. So, here’s to my new adventure or a return of track!


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