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My Little Peanut is 4 Years Old

Wow, can you believe it? My little peanut, Baby J is now 4 years old today! Where did the time go?

Happy birthday Jaydon!

Hi hi, it’s me Jaydon. Mommy say I can’t write my whole name, so hope you know who I am. I 4 years old now, no longer 3 and a half! It’s my birthday today! Happy birthday to me!

I go to a new daycare school with my brother Kalvin and I going to show them my new shirt. Its green with the number 4! My mommy bought it for me. Hopefully mommy will figure out how to put pictures here so you can see me!

I like my new daycare school, I play on the computer and make snowman and we plant in the garden and wash dishes in the washing machine. Kalvin likes my new daycare school too, but he’s a baby so don’t know what he does!

We have a wagon that mommy pulls us in too. Lets see if I can show you.

That’s so much fun I hope you see it. Anyways, I have to get ready for daycare school now. Bye!

And as my lovely monsters run out the door we prepare for the next journey for Jaydon getting him ready for big boy school next year, kindergarden. So many choices out there and so little time to decide.

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  1. Thanks for the posts may, I love reading your posts

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