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Hello from Wren

Wow, hi hi, this is Wren! You haven’t heard from me in like forever and tooooooo long. Did you forget about me while I was away? I hope not! I’m too cute to be forgotten about!

So, what a time it has been with my human. She keeps saying the world has fallen apart, but it was always nuts to me whenever I didn’t get my way.

Well, I am doing great, well, sometimes. Sometimes I make my human shake her head and wonder if she can hang me out to dry or she threatens to trade me in for a poodle. Silly human she can’t do such a thing.

However, she is very proud of me because I went out to an eating place and didn’t have my gentle leader and I was a very very good girl. I didn’t jump or get all excited. I got loads and loads of praise that day. Of course I had to go and spoil it by trying to take my humans arm off yesterday at work when I saw my doggy friends. I kept trying to turn in circles to visit them. Whew, corrections hurt you know and my human didn’t give me any treats for a long long time, that was just soooo mean!

Guess I should back up some on why you haven’t heard from me and stuff.

Sadly not long after my human and I left Leader with all my great doggy friends who I wish I could see we came back home and then moved to another apartment. It’s definitely bigger than the first place my human took me too. No backyard though, ***grumbles*** But my human is hoping to get us into a house next year with a backyard so that I can run around with the little humans that like throwing toys at me to run off with. wag wag wag wag!

Then, then something terrible happened. My human stopped taking me to work with her. She said it was because some virus thing was around and she didn’t want both of us to be at risk because she didn’t know if doggies could get sick. She said she waited waaaaaay too long to get me to put me at risk when more humans didn’t know what was what. So sadly I didn’t get to see my work doggy friends for months and months or something. Too long anyways.

Finally, my human started taking me back to work and I paid her back by eating my leash. Oooooops, I do’t think I should have done that. My human was sooooo not pleased with me and I was made to stay home again. ***groans*** But I just started getting back out. I guess I should have picked another way to pay back my human for leaving me home! I’ll know better next time.

I have new leashes now, but no more of that horrible gentle leader. It seems to have run away. Yayayayayayaya! I didn’t do it though so don’t go looking at me! Luckily I’m not being made to stay home for that, but have to do loads more obedience though. ***sighs*** Why must I be put through such torture?

Oh no! It’s raining. It better stop that before I have to go outside. I hate the rain!

Ah well. I better go now and I hope to talk to all my friends again soon.


  1. Wren, did you ever have to wear that gentle leader again?

  2. Wren Wren

    Hey hey, us doggies don’t like those horrible things. You humans should not make us wear them even if we um, behave a little better, but shhhh, don’t tell my human I said that.

  3. Laurie Laurie

    Wren, if you send e your address, i would be happy to send you a new gentle leader!! My future leader dog puppy I’m raising “loves” her gentle leader…OK, so i lied…haha! Mika just tolerates it, but acts so much better when she were it. In fact, she used her dew claw to tear it off her face once and chewed thru it while under the table at a meeting with me. Lol!
    Best regards,
    Laurie and Mika

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