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2020 the year that won’t end

Hello one and all. What a year we find ourselves in. The year that won’t end!

I’m going to state now that some of this post people may not agree with so if you are easily offended please don’t read the portion having to do with the corona virus.

So, the beginning of this year wasn’t so bad. As you may know from my entries under Canadianlynx I got my awesome lovely girl LD Wren my precious black lab at the end of last year. It made one heck of a great Christmas present!

Wren and I are doing well, but sadly our work period I cut short for a little while in march to protect our team. That is when the annoying corona virus started and shut down the world. I felt that due to me being an essential worker I would only put me at risk and not the both of us. Being a new team and all I didn’t want to risk that right away, smiles.

But since corona seems to be going on and on and on I figured enough was enough and it was time to get back to working with my girl. We are both doing great and I’ll get to sharing more stories about her in another post, smiles.

Now for the corona virus that won’t die and has the world scared of it’s own shadow. I lost my mom to this virus at the early stages. It was quite the blow and there’s not a day that doesn’t go by that I wish I could call her up. We were never close, but I could always count on her being there no matter what was going on. It hurt even more losing her because we were making plans for her to meet her latest grandsons. she was so excited! There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t worry about my oldest son and brother that are in another state or my daughter that’s in another country. But, sadly there’s nothing I can do because traveling to make sure ll is well or hug them or visit them is out of the question without having to jump through hoops or miss work which doesn’t help with paying the bills and so many other things.

This corona virus has made people put their lives on hold by scaring them. How many times in the beginning was it stated that children under a certain age won’t get it because of their immune systems? Now all of a sudden it’s school time and kids are getting it left and right. How many news items talk about how many corona cases and how many deaths there are, but never hear about those that survive it? I know of several cases where people got it and are still around to show there is hope.

People keep saying it’s good to stay locked away and for the children because of whatever reason, but how many of these individuals is it actually affecting? All those Uber and Lyft drivers that are staying home collecting income are making it so there’s less cars on the road and who is that hurting in the end? What happens to those individuals that can’t drive and have to have someone drive them? What about those individuals that don’t have extra money that finally have to take a ride that’s way over priced because they have to get to work or the doctor or hell even to the store? Worse of all, what about those individuals that have a disability that need assistance shopping and are on food assistance but can’t get help because corona won’t let them?

These are just some examples on how life has been put on hold for corona. Yes, I believe we should take care, but that’s with anything. What happened before when you were sick, you stayed home until you felt better. What do you do when you sneeze or cough? You’re hopefully polite and not do it on others. Yes, there are sadly immature people in the world or children that just don’t understand yet, but whom do they learn it from? How can they ben taught if all we’re seeing now is stay in and do nothing?

I had someone tell me the other day that most children don’t wash their hands. Hell neither do most adults. I’ve been around when some adult has just taken a nice heath crap and then just left the bathroom right after. Gross! So that reasoning is stupid in my opinion. My 4 year old tells me on a daily basis, sometimes mroe than once that he doesn’t have germs. In fact he now likes to say they get washed down the sink. So children can be taught and seen to understand what needs to be done, but someone has to teach them. Who will teach the adults, well that’s another matter, lol.

I thank my lucky stars that everyday that goes by I’m ok and so are my boys because we do have to go out. I have to work which means they have to go to daycare. This means we are around others for over 8 hours a day since March. Where would I be if I didn’t work? Sadly out on the streets unfortunately like I have heard some places have done to families because they couldn’t pay rent.

How could people eat if we stayed locked away? Sadly, I’m starting to wonder what’s going to happen to me and my family once I get to that point My job can only get me so far with groceries, but instant cart and things like that don’t take food stamps which I have as well but can’t use because assistance in the stores now can’t happen.

What a world we live in at the moment. The year that won’t end and everyone scared to try and continue living with the situation we find ourselves in. Can I have a refund?

Ha, sorry for the long rant, but I just needed to get that off my chest. If you wish to put in your comments please feel free. Good or bad, agree with me or not if you need to rant and let out your opinions too, feel free.


  1. Good day everyone.

    Thank you for your thoughts on our current issue and for keeping it friendly, smiles.

    This comment is coming from someone that wasn’t too sure on how to right it up so I’m doing it for them, smiles.

    So more food for thought regarding the corona situation.

    What is happening to those individuals that need to get out and be with people for their own mental well-being? How are they being looked after with everyone afraid to help those that need it? So many people fight to find activities to get them out of the house be it work, school, church, bingo or who knows what else and all those things now have been taken away. And before you stop to say again that there’s the phone, hangouts, whats app and email and all that stop and think for a moment. That may work for you, but not for all. Some people need that actual face to face interaction.

    Lets go one even further. Think about friends or family they may be in a nursing facility and you can’t visit them because it’s not allowed. Think about your death grandparent that may be sitting there wonder where her family went. Think about that blind mother that may only be able to talk to her family through a window. What has happened to the connection that humans need? It’s been taken away, that’s what.

    So the person that was telling me their thoughts said that they have no problems getting assistance at places like CVS, but why is it a grocery store like Meijers feel that it’s not in their heart to help a person with a disability? Meijers feels that we must do social distancing so we can not help you.

    This is May writing for another commenter and thanks again for the participation and please feel free to keep them coming. Just please keep it friendly!

  2. Celeste Wheelock Celeste Wheelock

    Hello, I’m not sure how to feel. On one hand, I understand the safety precautions being taken to protect us from this virus. On the other hand though, why are we, as grown adults, being treated like children? Why are we being punished for no reason? At least, that’s what it feels like. Why have we gone to great length to cancel every event under the sun? Catching viruses is just, something that happens everyday. And if you are stupid enough to go hang out in an infected area, you only have yourself to blame. Point taken, nothing should have been canceled at all. Everything should have remained open, and let us, the people, decide for ourselves, whether to attend the event, go to work, attend school, etc. or not. The government though, isn’t letting us do that, which I think is the problem with this whole ordeal. I’ve complained to my mom and even she sides with the rest of the world, “Better safe than sorry,” and even the manager for the Internet radio station I broadcast on takes my mom’s side. I’m following all of the rules of social distancing and staying home, mainly because I have no other choice. I’ve been one to stay at home mostly since finishing school in 2016, but I chose to do that by choice. Nobody was forcing me to make that decision, and that is what bothers me about this whole pandemic. Last I checked, we lived in a free country, but it doesn’t feel so much like that anymore. And it’s not like the number of Corona Virus cases has gone down at all, if anything, they’ve been going up. Are the government officials saying, if we had done nothing to lock people down, continuing as normal, we would have wiped out the entire human race in just a few days? Because that’s what it feels like. Because of this pandemic, there were several local events that didn’t occur this summer that I was hoping to share with my roommate. Because of this pandemic, I haven’t been able to take a trip to Canada to visit friends I have in that country and finally use my passport that I got renewed back in April of 2019. And because of this pandemic, on top of not seeing my nephew since March, I get this feeling in the back of my mind, that if I were to break social norms of staying at home, I’m going to be heavily criticized and called stupid for putting my life at risk. Honestly, what is this world coming to? Have I attended my final Third Thursday? My final Fourth of July parade? My final concert at Tanglewood? Am I reduced to staying inside my tiny mansion, AKA my apartment forever, thankful for streaming platforms, Alexa devices, Internet radio broadcasting on 98.6 The Mix, and grocery delivery from my mom, only heading out to pick up food at restaurants via Doordash delivery or carry out from places on my street, or only going to doctor’s appointments? It certainly feels that way, and sadly, there’s nothing I can do. All I can do, is sit here and patiently wait, and see what happens. All I can do, is wear my mask when going out in public, so I’m not arrested for spreading germs. And all I can do, is keep fingers crossed that things will return to the normal I was once use to, and if they won’t, I hope I’ll learn soon enough, so I can treasure the memories of my past life, and get use to this new chapter that’s upon me, without having to try too hard.

  3. Monty Icenogle Monty Icenogle

    Pardon the pun, but I’m sick of the virus ruining our lives! Or should I say so-called leaders ruining our lives in the name of this stupid virus! We are literally afraid to hold any kind of public event, or do just about anything. I can’t tell you the list of events, some of which I was hoping to attend, that have been outright cancelled, in many cases months in advance! Parades, concerts, festivals, even sports fans can’t attend games now! Who the hell is this benefiting exactly? After over 5 months, near as I can tell, nothing at all has changed, despite everyone locking down for over 2 months in the spring. We should have seen a huge drop in cases during that time, but we didn’t. Have people forgotten that our bodies have an immune system? And don’t even get me started on my thoughts on the whole mandatory mask wearing and social distancing crap! At this point, I say give us our lives back, let public gatherings of any size be held again, let us shake hands and hug our friends and family, and for goodness sake open the borders so we can travel freely again between countries if we like. This virus kills certainly, but so do plenty of other viruses and things, and we don’t grind the whole damn world to a halt when they appear. Everyone is making it seem as though this virus kills everyone it touches with a 100 percent kill rate, which we know is not true. Why are we still so eager to stop the virus spread anyway? It’s already here, let’s deal with it like we deal with anything else. Quit making everyone suffer!
    I feel like I’m the only one on the planet, except for perhaps this blogs owner, who feels the way I do. I’m shocked we aren’t seeing more outrage about this.

  4. Stephie2010 Stephie2010

    I feel like everyone is focused on who’s survived this virus and who died of this virus, but no one‘s really asking who died at home of this virus. Because the deaths stats r from hospitals. I don’t know of anyone who is scared of it per se, but I do know that those people have questions and concerns. And rightly so because the government is doing a terrible job at handling this. Instead of sharing what other countries like China, Italy, South Korea etc. who’ve already experienced what we’re going through has shared, the government shares the exact opposite. Like China said months ago there were people who were asymptomatic, meaning they don’t show any symptoms. So how would they know to stay home if they don’t feel sick? and the US making its own tests which are inaccurate at best instead of using ones that are already developed and are more accurate and then charging $$ for those tests isn’t helping. I just feel like we’re making all the same mistakes made 102 years ago during the Spanish flu epidemic. It’s like we’re having to repeat the lesson we should’ve learned 102 years ago.
    And as far as not knowing whether or not kids can spread it, we all should know that, that was a lie. Other countries have already told us so. It’s why countries like China and South Korea Etc close down their schools and sports programs until the virus was under control. I don’t hear anybody saying that we should never open anything again, but what I do hear people saying is that we shouldn’t open anything until we get the virus under control. That doesn’t mean close down forever. if the government would just do what they’re supposed to we could have this virus under control in like four weeks.

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