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A Creation of Tomorrow by DL Fletcher

A Creation of Tomorrow


D.L Fletcher

OMG, what a story! I definitely recommend having a box or two of tissues available when reading this book. It will bring you to tears during several occasions. There is the atraction between Rick and Alice that you will notice and hopes that maybe it will go somewhere, but knowing that due to the different lifestyles it won’t. cami is such a strong little girl that will have you laughing and wanting to jump through the book to protect her as well and strangle those that looked the other way while she was being abused. Now for me I wished that I could have reached through the book when the guys decided it was ok to just back away from Cami without a word quickly instead of slow and easy. Yes, their reasoning for wanting to do so made some sense, but it could have been handled better than how they did it.

In the beginning I thought

Heidi Bindhammer

was going to be one of those narrators that read through without any sort of emotion in her tone which would have been a great loss for a story like this. Thank goodness I was proven wrong, what a great job. Heidi brought the characters to life for you, especially when it was one of those moments where that box of tissue would come in handy.

The author D.L Fletcher did tell me to hang in there because the next book is on the way. A creation of Yesterday, so watch out for it! Also, one part I do wish to bring to your attention and not sure if it is due to the author or the narrator, but in the audio version there is no pause between the end of the book and jumping into chapter one of another story. So, watch out for that and happy reading!

I did receive this book for free from the author and the review I gave is done freely.

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