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Listless in Turkey by Onia Fox

Whew, ok now that I’m feeling pretty human again let’s get back to some book reviews shall we?

OMG, Jess is that type of child that has a parent wondering with their head in their hands, “Where oh where did I go wrong?” While reading I was thinking why won’t you shut up because once she gets going she goes on and on and on, lol. There are so many moments that leave you wondering, what are you thinking? Finally, could someone please lock her away for her own safety and everyone else’s sanity!

Onia Fox

did a great job of taking you on a wild ride of Jess’s life? It starts off bad with her losing her job and her long time boyfriend Chris. You think that would be a wake up call right because she starts making a list of what she wants to do and how she needs to find herself. Well, um, no no no, that so does not happen! She gets worse!

From the first snappy moment

Rebecca Fairnie

the narrator for this book brings Jess to life! She does a good job when reading the other characters, but for Jess you can hear there’s more there. You can definitely hear it during those times when Jess is verbally attacking someone. I love the accent as well.

I received a free copy of this book from the author Onia Fox and she is a cool person with a great personality. While telling me about this book she mentioned that one of the scenes could get her arrested. Ha, well that definitely peeked my interest for the book. Now it’s your turn to go check it out!

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