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Is this winter over yet

Whew, what a winter it has been! Is it over yet? I’m sick of the cold and that includes getting one that stayed for over 2 weeks. Oh yes, I can’t forget snow days! I can’t believe the kids these days and the reasons they give to try and get a snow day. They are highly amusing! I wonder what Jaydon and Kalvin will try when they reach the teenage years? Why oh why can’t winter end now? Snow is only suppose to be for Christmas and that was months ago, hmph! Ha, yes yes, I know come summer I’ll probably complain it’s too hot, but for now just bring it! It’s almost March already for pete sakes! Yes, March, March! Didn’t this year just start? I must have been sicker than I thought to miss all of January and February, lol.

So, now that I’m done whining, hahaha, welcome to my new subscribers or watchers to my blog. This blog is now a mixture of my personal life when life doesn’t get in the way about my lovely boys and my awesome guide dog whom I’m sure people probably think she no longer exist since you haven’t heard about her either in a while, and book reviews. Please feel free to comment good bad and anything in between!

Ok, before life gets in the way again let’s get back to posting entries, eh?

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