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Walking to Hell by Knud Hermansen

Oops, I thought I posted this one already when I posted the review on Goodreads. I read this one about a month ago.

Walking to Hell is book one in The Story of a Confederate Soldier series and I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. Zeke takes you on a trip down memory lane where it will have you laughing one moment such as in the time when zeke and his friend William went after a bear then shaking your head the next. when you get to the moments as you see what the young men get into trying to learn to be a soldier. I absolutely can’t wait to read the next story.


Jim Patton

does a great job of narrating this book. He will keep you listening from beginning to end with the snooty tone of a soldier that has way too much stuff, to the Sergeant Major you don’t want to mess with. While listening you can picture what’s going on as Jim reads.

There are quite a few books in this series so hopefully one day

Knud Hermansen

will turn them into audio books as well. So grab this book today and happy reading!

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