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Leader Dog guessing game

Someone did this when they were getting ready to go get their dog and I thought it was pretty fun trying to guess so decided to *borrow* their idea. Knowing some of my mean horrible friends I already can guess what your answer will be to one of the questions. *grumbles*

I’m putting this up now to give people plenty of time to see it and guess if they wish. The guessing game will end on September 16th, the day I get my new puppy. That day of dog day I will give the answers, *smiles* Do you think you can get close in your answers to information about my new puppy/ Try it!

1. breed of dog?
2. what color?
3. height?
4. weight?
5. gender?
6. what month was puppy born in?
7. What letter will puppy’s name start with?
8. What time will I get my dog between 1 and 4PM?

You can put your guesses here or email them

Good luck!


  1. Tony Tony


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  3. Tony Tony

    I’m thinking along the same lines as James… so… I will have to change up a few things:

    1. Labrador
    2. Light fur, creamy color
    3. 23 inches
    4. 55 pounds
    5. Female
    6. I’m guessing 2 years old, so… August.
    7. “S”
    8. 1st! And if not, you should be 1st!

  4. james james

    1. Lab
    2. Black
    3. Teeny feet and tiny inches.
    4. 55 or 60 lbs.
    5. Female.
    6. February.
    7. K.
    8. Fourth.

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