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Researching guide dogs schools, some questions to ask

This post is for all those individuals out there that are thinking about getting a dog and have no idea what questions they should ask. Choosing a school is not an easy process and something “you’ should take extremely seriously. Try not to be swayed by a school a friend of yours goes too or pick a school just because everyone says it’s the best. What is right for them, may not be right for you. For example, I may not like Pilot and tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t go there, but what I might not like about the school could be just the right thing for you.

Again, that was just an *example*

So here are some questions to at least get you thinking. Good luck!

1. what is your program like? *follow up questions if you have any from their answers*
2. How long is the application process from applying to getting into class approximately?
3. What types of dogs do you have?
4. Is there a waiting list for a certain breed? *that is if you want to be breed specific, for example a shepherd*
5. What type of food do you feed your dogs?
6. Do you have puppy raiser contact? *if this is important to you*
7. What are your follow up services like?
8. If I need a home visit, what does that involve?
9. Is there a cost involved for receiving a dog? *if this matters to you*
10. Do you have a vet assistance program?
11. What is your matching process like? Meaning what all is involved, what do they look for in a dog to match them with you? Do they use videos, just pictures?
12. Since most schools are now going the food reward method, how do they incorporate it into their program? *if this is important to you*

You don’t have to ask any of these in that order either. Some you may even leave out if they are not important to you.

I look forward to your comment. Please keep it respectful!