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book review, No Time to Wave Goodbye

One of my favourite books is titled

The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard

In this book a woman briefly turns away from her three-year-old son in a hotel lobby. The child vanishes, leaving his family anguished and splintered.

There is also a movie with the same title, but the book is definitely better.

Now, what I recently learned is there is another book that comes after The Deep End of the Ocean called, No Time to Wave Goodbye

Vincent Cappadora makes a documentary film about kidnapping with help from his sister Kerry and brother Ben, who was abducted as a child. The movie wins an Oscar, but happiness is short-lived when Ben’s own daughter vanishes.

Sadly, this book just didn’t catch my attention like the first one did. To me from somewhere near the beginning i had a feeling of what would happen to the family. What went through my mind was…”ugh, not again!”

in this book the characters didn’t draw me in. I didn’t feel that “oh my God” what’s going to happen next or ‘someone slap her” or even “what the hell’s wrong with that kid’ feeling like I did with the first book.

Hmm, now I’m also wondering if there’s a movie version of this book too…maybe it’s better than the book if so?

How I stumbled across this book is I was looking for an audio book of The Deep End of the Ocean so I could read it again, but can’t find it anywhere. So if anyone knows how I can track it down, please let me know thanks.

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