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LD Training9 traffic checks in the rain

It is pretty funny that someone was just asking me last night about how Leader Dog does with trafic checks and I didn’t want to answer them until I knew if anything had changed from the last time I was here.

Well hell, I didn’t write too much about the trafic checks last time, but I’m pretty sure they were done just alittle differently than this time.

For the morning lesson we went downtown and practice the route we were going to do without worrying about someone purposefully trying to run us over. Nope, we just had to play in the rain and swim through puddles.

BTW, what is with me getting dogs that ***refuse*** to get their little paws wet when it comes to huge puddles? Wren, the perfect little songbird took me around the puddles, no problem, I can deal with that since I don’t want wet feet.

Well, then we had to come to the mother of all puddles. One very big puddle that went all the way across where we were crossing the street to get to the up curb. So Wren had no choice, she either had to go through it, or jump over it. Well . . .

Wren did nothing. She got to the edge of the puddle and just stopped. Nope, I’m not going any further, are you crazy! While I of course take a step into the big huge puddle and now have a major cold wet foot. ***sighs*** why me?

So, after I step over the puddle with my other foot Wren is like, Oh, I can do that and proceeds to then, only then, jump over the puddle!

That’s it, when it rains, i just need to rent a boat so my perfect songbird doesn’t get her feet wet!

This afternoon we did the same route but this time with the killer driver, Dr. phil and his quiet car!

Wren did absolutely wonderulf on the first one. She slowed down and stopped with plenty of space between us and Killer Phil.

Second trafic check she’s cruising along and . . . ***slam on the breaks*** eeeeeeeeppppp, darn crazy drivers! Great job Wren!

Ha, the third trafic check she decides that that crazy driver is back and she would just try going around the back of the silly car that got in her way. After slowing down to show me the car was there of course. lol, what a girl!

The downside about being a retrain

So, this aftenoon after we had our near misses with Dr. Phil the crazy driver it’s time for me to give Wren an instruction. We’re at the downcurb and I need her to do a left cutback. Here’s what happened!

Me, Luna, erm, Wren, erm, dog, whatever your name is, go that way!
Linda, hahahahahahahahahahaha!
Wren, sighs and does a perfect cutback even though her handler has no idea what her name is and what direction to tell her to go in.

Stop glaring at me Wren

I think those other doggies Wren was raised with taught her how to glare at people to or something. She really has that glaring at me look down real good.

We’re heading back to the training center and well, I got the glare from miss princess.
Me, Wren, forward.
Wren, starts taking me across the street.
Me, good girl Wren. straight, find the curb.
Wren, ok, not a problem!
Me, good girl. Gives her a treat. Wren, forward.
Wren, off she starts and takes just a few steps.
Me, awesome, Wren, left.
Wren, ***glares***
Me, Wren, left.
Wren, finally makes the left turn and ***glares*** at me again.
Linda, hahahahah, May, do you know when she’s looking at you.
Me, um, yep. I can feel the glare she sending my way.
Linda, yep, it’s like, hey we can’t go left yet.
Me, yep, that glare says, really, what are you thinking!

I think this puppy was trained well too well, hahahahaah. Oh the future glares I have coming my way!

See you all tomorrow!

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