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LD Training10 who’s the boss

Wow how time flies! Wren, my little songbird and I have been together for 1 week already. Can you believe that? And guess who’s the boss of this relationship?

Definitely not me!

Nope, Wren, the glaring pup has established herself as king of the hill, hahaha. I’m just along to pretend I’m the boss and give her commands and issue her the treats when she glares at me and demands that I give them to her.

Yes, you read that right. Wren, demands her treats. I can occasionally get away with not giving her one when she glares at me like, hey woman, I did a good thing, now give me that treat already will ya? Such as in moments like below.

This morning we had country snow travel and Wren did a very good job. I do have to make sure we’re on the left edge of the curb every few steps otherwise we’d end up walking down the middle of the road.

So, once again, Wren says she is not, absolutely not, walking through anything that could get her all dirty!

Despite what her puppy raiser claims, Wren says different.

Ha, Wren says that I am working, I do not play in water! I do not walk through big piles of flying leaves! What do you take me for. You walk through them, I shall go around them.

Hahahahah, and once this little princess goes around the leaves, big puddles of water or whatever may be in our way she stops and looks at me like, um hello, where’s my treat? I just did a good thing. Now give me that pumpkin treat!

Here is one of those rare moments I can ignore the royal bossiness and get her moving because we are still working and she gets going again along her happy bouncy way.

But then again, maybe it’s a false sense of security and I only think I won the battle!

Then, we have moments like this one!

This afternoon we learned about doing *timeout* with the dogs and practiced it with them on the practice route with a nice strange dog hanging around to bug us.

Um, well, clearly me, mom, was not paying attention to how good she was being and giving her those lovely treats that she demands I give her. Instead I only verbally praised her. oooooooooopppppppppsssssss!

We get to the pavilion that’s located on Leaders campus where those that smoke can hang out and that you pass through when finishing up the practice route. Well, we get to the middle and Wren stops, stops cold and ***super glares** at me! Linda, the lovely trainer that I have thinks it’s awfully funny. Why, because Wren is glaring at me for those treats that I haven’t given her yet because I wasn’t quite at the top of my game, oooppsy! She absolutely ***refuses*** to move until I give her one.

Yes, my dog, Wren, decides when it is past time she gets her reward.

Chuckling, I give the little monster her treat and you think she’s done punishing me yet?

Oh no no no no!

I tell her what a good girl she is and to find the door and what does she do?

run run run

Ah hell!

Slams on breaks. Here you are, here’s the door!

This dog is trying to kill me again

Do I get to meet these Border Collies that taught Wren how to go like a speed demon, huh huh huh?

Hahahah, more fun tomorrow!

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