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LD Training8 A day of rest

Hello everyone! Welcome to the next issue of Wren the songbird and I!

For those that get the updates via email, this entry has a video in it so you will need to go to my youtube channel to view it. That channel once again can be found at

Can you believe I’ve been here a week already? I’m sure my lesser half is like ***hurry up*** and get home will ya?

I get to talk to my boys every morning and sometimes in the evening as well, but all depends on what’s going on, but I soooooo can’t wait to get home and hug and kiss them to pieces! However, I have this strong feeling they will forget all about me and torture my little songbird Wren, hahaaha!

At the end of my post last night I posted that I totally forgot about Bingo. Well, luckily enough, I made it! i only missed the first round.

Man, let me tell you that game got ***intense*** at the end, the one where you have to fill the whole board. A whole lot of people, including myself just needed one, count it, one number! Everyone was shouting out what number was needed.


and so on! The South American table took the win!

Today was pretty much a day of rest and my plan was to practice on the practice route and work on learning to read Wren and her I, but sadly that didn’t work out so well. Due to all the perfumes, shampoos, conditioners and all that people wear my head was like, enough is enough woman and you’re doing absolutely nothing today. So, after breakfast I went right back to bed and Wren and I just slept the morning away. I woke up in just enough time to get my laundry done before lunch, lol.

The Canine Development Center tour was great! I’m hoping I did a good job of catching everything on camera. please excuse the close-ups, especially of my guide. Ha, I turned around one time and ***bam*** there she is!

Let me know what you think.

See everyone tomorrow for the start of week number 2! What will we get into next?

I look forward to your comment. Please keep it respectful!