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LD training9, lets throw in construction

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages…for those of you that really know me you will find this shocking, so I do hope you are sitting down *chuckles*

The reason this post is late is because I actually was *asleep*

Are you all still there? *smiles* I hope so! Hahah, yes I was *sleeping* only for 3 hours, but hey that’s more than I’ve gotten in one sitting since like um July I think.

Now on to the good stuff now that I hope you’ve all revived yourselves..

Luna and the stuff puppies:
This morning I didn’t give any thought to the 2 stuff puppies I bought at the gift store…a black lab and a shepherd, but Luna sure did. I had them sitting on my pillow and she was just *not* having that miss Luna Moon jumps on the bed and pulls the puppies off of the bed and lays down with them. Well, which do I tell her *no* to first…for now *no* will do for both. I pick up the puppies and put them back on the bed and tell her leave it…hahah yeah right she says. *back* on the bed she goes and pulls them off again and lays down with them on the floor. So ok, that clearly didn’t work…on to plan b.

*pick up the puppies* Luna leave it.
Luna *sniff sniff sniff* but she doesn’t get up….good girl!
*put puppies back on bed*
Luna *snorts and jumps on bed*
Clearly miss Luna does not like the fact that these dogs are on the bed and she *is not* So I tell her no off and she plops her little butt on the floor *glaring* at the puppies on the bed…hahahah this is rather amusing I must say…
*Luna *paws on the bed while snorting*
Nope, sorry miss lady the answer is still *no* This time I take one puppy at a time off the bed while having her sit like a nice girl she is and lets her sniff away….she quickly loses interest in the one I’m holding and *glares and snorts* at the one still on the bed.
Do you know how hard it is trying not to laugh at a dog while showing them that on the bed is not where they belong, but they keep doing something amusing? If not, you need a much more amusing dog, hahaahah. So, I sit one puppy on the bed but out of her sight and pick up the other one. Luna happily *sniffs* it and then snorts and walks away. Hmm, guess she no longer cares about my mutts on the bed. I will definitely have to see what she does another time.

The food switch:
Tomorrow Luna will be completely switched to the new food. Fromms Chicken. She absolutely loves it. I’m still waiting to see if it will agree with her. It’s a very nerve racking wait time.

*whew* at breakfast she was a nightmare and wouldt settle down for anything which is *so* not like her. Finally I got up and she practically pulled my arm off towards the door.

Um yep, I think my girl needs out and like *right now* By this lovely experienced I learned that Luna will constantly annoy me until she gets my attention that *hey mom* I need out.

She definitely goes after the Fromms *way* more than she did the Purina. I do think the amount will need to change since now with the kibble size difference she’s getting more than what she was getting with Purina.

During the morning training when did the *p* route in pairs. As you all have read and some have seen, Luna and I can fly so pairing us with someone is well *not* going to be exact, but maybe close.

So I got to go out with Fred. At the beginning with both had the same idea. We wanted the other to go first to get an idea of how fast the other was. fred was concerned he’d run us over and I wanted to know how much I’d need to slow Luna down or let her fly. *snickers* Jessica told Fred he wouldn’t have to worry about running us over, but I don’t think he quite understood that then. So, I went first…Poor Fred, I don’t think he’ll want to *fly* with Luna and I anymore! I think I nearly killed him and his puppy. After a while I let Fred take the lead and keep it. Didn’t want him trying to put the blame on me for killing him.

*chuckles* Fred is amusing. near the end of the route he calls out while we’re climbing this *horrible* hill…*I hear you breathing* I quickly respond *Luna, shhhh you’re too loud* hahahah!

Who authorized this construction?
For the afternoon training we do the same route as the morning, but this time as a solo, *cheers* this time I can let Luna fly as long as I know who’s ahead of me and time it just right. *whoops* but now there’s construction when there was none during the morning run. Now we have to get around the *fake* obstacles that Leader puts up and deal with loud beeping construction trucks. *sighs* can I have a refund?

Off Luna and I go around the obstacles *good girl*…damn, spoke to soon!

Luna *sniff sniff*…leave it…take a few steps, *sniff sniff* goes that Luna again…No, leave it, lets go. Take another few steps, *sniff sniff* goes Luna.

*groans* fine I’ll fix you. I pull out the gentle leader, put it on her and off we go…*ah* much better. But hell, now I forgot where the hell we are and my stupid trekker has decided it doesn’t want to work. I think it knows I hate the things *chuckles*

So Luna and I get to a curb and I think I’m suppose to turn left but not really sure…oh well, left it is. *whee* down the hill we go! Yep, this must be the right place. This was the perfect time for me without Jessica around to see how she really does at our flying speed and getting her to slow down.

*yeah* I shouldn’t have worried, the girl is a champ and listens well..but 8whew* I’m hot now, time to stop and strip!

We’re nearly back to the training center at the last corner and the stupid construction truck picks then to turn on their beep thing…*great* I can’t hear a thing so I really hope I don’t get *squished* by a car.

I’m writing this entry so clearly we made it in one piece *grins*

Luna’s weakness:
One of Luna’s weaknesses are squirrels. Sometimes she does *awesome* at ignoring them, but other times it’s *oo squirrels* and keeping her on track is a *handful*

Leader has a squirrels tail on a string that Jessica pulled out to torture my poor girl with after dinner and the session started off rocky, but started getting a better response. I now have the squirrel with me and will work with Luna in the room with it. *snickers* I just have to remember to put it in the closet so as not to freak out the cleaning people in the mornings.

Luna’s puppy raiser:
Sadly Luna’s raiser won’t be coming to visit on Saturday, but I do have her contact information. I sent her an introduction email and I hope she got it since sometimes I guess due to my domaine name some clients sticks my emails in peoples junk folder. I’ll wait until the end of the week or maybe even Saturday and give her a call. I hope she enjoys the blog entries and the videos.

Well, until the next entry, take care all!


  1. Even better!

  2. lol, yes she is. She only does it to the black lab though. She doesn’t care that the shepherd is on the bed.

  3. hehehe dog was trying to enforce the no puppies on the bed rule. What a goof!

    So sad the raisers aren’t coming.

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