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LD training10, one week with Luna Moon

*wow* can you believe it? It’s been a week already! How time flies when you have a dog. Oh the joy she has brought me so far and the headaches too *smiles* lets me know that my flying time with her will be quite the adventure and I’ll always need to be ready for what may come.

Sadly to start off the day I had the worse headache I’ve had in a while so we took the morning off. It just was too unsafe for Luna and I with the state I was in.

*groans* goes Luna about this idea…she hates having time off!

What Luna has to say about distracted obedience time:
Oh great my human is getting her shoes, must mean we’re going somewhere! *spin spin* darn this tie down gets in the way. Come on human let me loose! i’m ready to go go go *bouncy bouncy* Bleh, there goes that tie down choking me again. Someone get this thing off of me!
*groans* there goes that human of mine telling me to settle and sit, but here she comes my way *spin spin* and *snorts* at the tie down. Hmm, guess I better sit like my human keeps saying so we can go.
Ugh, another thing to get in the way. My human says I must *go park* Didn’t I just do that?
*ah* the harness is finally on and I can go work now. My human says *steady* when I practically pull her arm off!
Oh, it’s not the big noisy thing we are going to, but some area where all the other dogs are. Hmm, this is not right, after I go park we are suppose to go to the big noisy thing. *oh well* maybe that’s coming….Oh, *find a seat* my human says. I like finding a seat I always get a treat when I do it right. *wag wag*
*snorts* at my human. i didn’t get a treat but a pat on the head and a *good girl* Of course I’m a good girl…so where’s my treat? Hmph, guess I’ll lay here and wait.

Oh, time for that that thing my human calls obedience, *sit, down, sit, down* Can’t we do something else…*oo wait* there’s my other favourite person, but but, who’s that with her? Did I hear her tell my human it was a dog? A dog! But but, why does she have another dog? This is not right either.
*sit* my human says. Fine I shall sit, but here comes that other dog that should not be. *Luna* my human says. What, can’t you see I’m…oo a *treat* for me. I’ll take that! Ah, that dog is getting closer. *stay* my human says…but I want that dog. Come here you dog! *yipes* my human didn’t like that much and she said that funny *fff* thing and told me to sit.
Oh no, that other dog is coming back around again. *Luna* my human says, but I just ignore her and watch that dog. *Luna* she says again…oh fine, what wha…oo a *treat* I’ll take that again. *sniff sniff* her hand, can I have another?
*stay* my human says and I try really hard to ignore that other dog and it’s getting closer and closer and…*Luna* my human says. I quickly look at her and *wag wag* I get a treat, but then I go after that dog…*yipes* that funny thing my human says and her not so happy sounding voice of me to *leave it* and then she makes me lay down.
*groans* this is not fun. That mean other dog keeps getting me in trouble…and here it comes again. *Luna leave it* my human says. I’ll just watch that dog that can’t get me in trouble can it?
Oh no, it’s coming closer again..I must stay still, I must not go for that dog. *wiggle wiggle* but my human says stay, so I must stay.
*whew* I did it and I even got a treat. Oh I’m so happy now!

Distracted obedience ended.

Bus ride to the store:
Jessica is our driver for the trip to the store. I can’t remember the last person on the bus with us, but there was Karen, Bonnie, John, Jack, I want to say it was Vickie and myself. I also probably spelled their names wrong…*sorry*

Karen, there’s this song
John, Jessica can you turn on some air?
Karen begins to sing this song about Iodine. *chuckles* funny little song, but sorry can’t remember the words so can’t type them for you.
Karen gets to the end
John, My dog was covering her ears
Karen, there’s this other song about cigarettes *chuckles* Jessica turns on the music right at that point. hahahahah that cracks us all up. Talk about timing eh?
Karen, why did I pick Leader Dogs again?
*snickers* we all love you Karen!

Luna displays her displeasure:
So this afternoon we went to the grocery store and worked with the pups on follow. Luna does a great job at following. My title miss also showed me the sorts of things she likes. Lucky charms, peanut butter, milk bones and a squeaky duck. I’ll make sure to buy her at least a squeaky toy at some point. Oh, *whoops* she also wanted some chicken.

But then we get to the fish section and um well, Luna decides enough is enough. I wouldn’t let her get her Lucky Charms that she really wanted, nor the chicken and the smell of the fish was *not* to her liking, so she begins to leave us a *smelly* package of her own.
*yipes* pull out the bag and get ready, but nothing comes out yet. Quick round of obedience Jessica suggests hoping it will work its way back up…then we decide nope lets *run* for the door and get her outside.

*oh no!* we didn’t make it!

Clean up on isle 4!!

I hand Jessica all the bags I have and watch Luna in case she wants to give us *several* piles, but she’s all done. We get it all cleaned up and take Luna out anyway, just in case. of course Luna’s like *I did that already*

I put the harness back on her and back through the store we go to finish the lesson.

Luna does an awesome job when it comes to the grocery cart. She stays behind it or slightly off to the side so she can look and when we switched to me pulling while she guided, she was great! Her pace was good and she didn’t get overly distracted by things she wanted. Telling her *straight* kept her moving along. It was the cart that didn’t want to listen when it came to right turns. *chuckles*

*cheers* I got my Starbucks!! Miss Luna Moon got lots of praise and *aww* what a pretty dog and she’s well behaved. *yay* Luna!

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  1. oooooh nooo! Poop in the store! I hate that!

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