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LD training8, Day of rest

*whew* what a week it’s been! It’s finally time for that day of rest…*whoops* but not for me. I have to play catch up for school. Much to my horror I discovered that there’s an assignment due Monday morning!!! *yipes* How the hell did that happen? I totally missed something! It wouldn’t be so bad if CU Learn cooperated with speech software since that’s where the assignment needs to be submitted, but *nooooo* it’s a horrible thing worse than blackboard for those college students that are familiar with that system.

*quick* send an email to the professor and the TA’s to set up the backup route for submitting assignments while *cursing* the whole time.

Now, even though I’m behind in one class, I’m fine for the other probably cause it’s shorter *chuckles* and it’s twice a week. For some reason I remember to check it more than my Social Work class. Guess my *many many* personalities loves Mystery of the Mind better.

I would have loved to take Luna Moon out on the practice route for some work, but since I was horribly frustrated decided that wouldn’t be a good idea. So stuck around the room and chased each other instead with her toys.

Here’s a funny story regarding John and his pup:
Today was laundry day for just about everyone and John was in his room folding his laundry. Well, every time he’d fold a shirt and place it on the corner of his bed his pup will *steal* it from the corner of his bed and stick it in the corner. John would fold another shirt and go to place it on the other shirt but *whoops* no shirt there!

John *what the hell, where is that shirt*
pup *wags tail*

So he finds the shirt in the corner, picks it up, folds it and goes to put it on top of the other shirt…um, but guess what? hahahahaah, *no shirt* His pup has stolen that shirt he put down and carried it away while he was looking for the one before. So word to the wise or any friends of John’s…*watch* if you’re folding clothes around his dog!

luna’s food switch:
The food switch with Luna is going well. The silly girl just has to go into the bathroom where the Fromms bag is sitting and *sniff sniff* think she likes it? Doing the switch has sadly changed her *poop* schedule on me. Now I’ll have to play the guessing game again *groans* Speaking of *poop* think it’s about that time I take her out to see if she does more than *stare* at me like I’m nuts!

Some people have asked me about the campus and hopefully next week I won’t be behind in school work and I can *stumble* around campus and make an audio tour for you. Sorry no *video* of that!

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