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LD training7, squirrels, obstacles and for puppy raisers

For those viewing this by email there are videos in this post. You can either go to my blog directly or to my youtube channel, to view them. These videos are titled North Hills and are in 3 parts.

*shakes a fist*

I asked Jessica to bring back my nice sweet puppy and she ordered a army…yes I said army of squirrels! These squirrels most certainly took a lass in the best way to torment dogs and drive their handlers to drinking. I’m definitely not the only one that was wishing for a gun.

Luna the Terror was *way* distracted even with the gentle leader. So much so that after we were well away from the dog torturing squirrels she just didn’t want to work with it on.

Luna and obstacles:
Below are 3 videos that I would love to share with you. For all those puppy raisers that don’t get a chance to see what those future Leader Dogs can do once they are Leader Dogs I hope you enjoy.

The first video is Luna and I working through a full obstacle.

Sadly we didn’t get a perfect on obstacles since we needed to re-work one. Luna pulled me around, but I managed to step on the edge of one of the cones. So this next video is Luna and I re-working a partial obstacle. This one is pretty short.

This final video shows how the cutback turns are done. Although they confuse the heck out of me, we managed to do one hell of a job on this one, *cheers* This is also a short one.

I still need to work on better reading Luna when she has to push me to the right to get around something because her sign for that is pretty subtle. I’m very proud of my girl! Thank you so much to all the puppy raisers out their who puts in time with these guys at an early age and thanks to Leader *Jessica and her raiser* for Training my girl!

food change:
Tonight I started a food switch with Luna. She’ll be going from Purina to Fromms. Man, when I gave her dinner tonight she like scarfed down the new food right away and then slowed down when it was all gone and only purina was left, *chuckles* In case ones are wondering I’m doing a food switch because I don’t like the aftermath *what comes out* with her on Purina. It’s way too soft and hard for me to know if something is ever wrong. I’ve had good success with Fromms so I’m hoping that it agrees with her.

Playtime with Luna:
Earlier I posted a video that shows our first off leash playtime. Definitely go check it out. It is *super* cute!!

playing with Luna

Harness work inside:
*whew* wow dinner was quiet tonight. No, *sit…down…leave it* I had no dogs nose in my shoe or somehow managing to stick their nose under my shirt, *snickers* Everyone at my table was definitely pleased with the now able to use the harnesses inside! On to breakfast!!!

*wow* bingo definitely was great. I had a horrible headache but I still went and loved it. Things got pretty heated near the end when it was *slow close* and *anyone’s* game. I was working 2 cards mine and another clients and I was *definitely* tempted to switch cards when his number was called instead of mine giving him *bingo* Sometimes it sucks being too nice, hahahaha.

Tomorrow is a *no work day* so unless something major comes up I’m going to skip a Leader Dog post and work on catching up on school work. I’m a little behind!

Until next time *Luna the snorer* and I say good-night.

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