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LD, training5 first busy work day

Hey everyone.

Sorry this post is pretty late. I had loads of school work to catch up on that I couldn’t get done in the training center yesterday. So whenever you hear the words today or tomorrow that this post is for yesterday, *smiles*

Lets start with a tough situation that I need to get off my chest. I will not post names:
We had a situation last night during our 6:30PM lecture where a client totally called out another client. The room went absolutely quite, you could cut the tension with a knife and I know many people wanted to snap at the client that brought up the situation…me included. i don’t know about the instructor that was leading the lecture, but all clients after that was totally uncomfortable. This client that called out another in my opinion was way out of line on bringing it up in the setting and at least from my point of view, she’s one I will stay clear of. I hope the client that was called out *does not* let what the other client said get to them.

Now, on to the good stuff!!

Pictures of Luna:
I do have pictures of Luna and I will get them up on the blog hopefully soon.

My poop machine:
*whew* this dog can poop! I got at least 5 piles around 8AM. Can someone loan me some extra hands and legs?

This girl is definitely not subtle when it comes to her getting distracted. We’re just flying right along and *oo, down goes the nose* Ha, different than my last who was *sneaky* What I think will be guess work for me will be knowing when she’s distracted and when she’s taking me around something.

One awesome thing was she *did not* go for a piece of food that I dropped on the ground. yay Luna! She probably gave me a dirty look though for dropping her treat.

Tomorrow we are working on traffic checks *cries*

Playtime with Luna:
*chuckels* Luna is so funny when we play. she runs around the room with one of the bones in her mouth snorting. Now the funniest is when I give her the rope toy. When she has that one she runs around the room snorting, pouncing on the rope and batting at it with her paws. I’ll definitely get video of that when she doesn’t have to be attached to the leash. It definitely would be *no* fun seeing her get caught on the leash as she plays.

What the hell was that?
*chuckles* At 8PM I introduced Luna moon to our choir, *Shout Sister Choir* through facetime. It was totally awesome! I wish there was a way I could have had a video of our facetime ha! The look on her face when over 60 people said 8hi Luna* was great. They told me she got a look on her face like, *what the hell* Then when the choir all went *oo* Luna groaned and ran off the lay on her mat. *snickers*

Luna’s nicknames:
1. luna Moon
2. Luna Pistil
3. bouncy luna
4. pocket rocket
5. Lunatic
6. rocket launcher

So on to getting run over tomorrow! Wish us luck.


  1. Well of course she’ll be on my side of the bed. I’ll just make sure she puts the frog on your side first James.

  2. lol, that’s right Steve better check on that right away. From how Tans sounds Miss Moon and her won’t leave it standing.

  3. We’ll just all go drop in on the parents for a couple days. Plenty of back yard we can let the crew have at. I mean I won’t be held responsible for anything they find to bring in when they’re done, but you know…

  4. Oh crapcrackers. That means it’s a matter of time before it’s the damn nose instead.

    She stays on *your* side of the bed. Kay? Kay. LOL

  5. I’m sure those 2 would get along famously. But if we’re letting them have run of the place we’d better double check that the house insurance is paid up.

  6. Now you know that just means we definitely need to finally meet so that the dogs can meet too. See if Tans will teach Luna how to pull out a tie chain, lol.

    Yes, you did mention that her birthday fell around then. I just think it’s totally funny that she’s an April fools dog. The poor thing.

  7. hhehehehe. She’s never stuck a bone in my ear.

    She also used to be non-stealth about her distractions…not so much anymore. Damn brat.

    Luna and Tans would totally hit it off. Did I mention that I realized Luna was born when I was in my last week of training with Tansy? I probably did, because brain sieve, but if not, there it is.

    And aaaag about the awkward situations. I don’t know what it is about guide dog class, or the confinement of several people in a space that’s not their own, but sometimes, it can bring out the absolute worst in people…although usually it doesn’t happen this quickly. I was very very lucky last time that there was no friction in our class, but…the 2 before that, there was usually a something.

  8. Oh hahah, yes Luna does that too and then snorts at me more when I touch it. That or she drops it on my foot. She also likes trying to stick it in my ear.

  9. Tansy does that running bone in the mouth snorty thing too. She’ll also try to get you to play a game of tug with it.

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