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LD training6, April fools, here’s your real dog

In this episode of Luna Moon the day starts off the same as it as the past couple of days. Breakfast goes great for the *spring team* but wait…something’s gone wrong! Oh no, there’s been a problem! Tune in next week to find out, this episode will end immediately!!!

Ha, just kidding!

Who switched my dog?
After breakfast that awesome great dog I had that listened and did what she was told without needing me to knock her around too much…yeah that dog *grumbles* I think some trainer must have switched my dog while I was eating breakfast. Something seriously just went *boom* and my dog turned into *listen* what’s that?

In the morning before we go out for our morning training session Luna and I have some play time and then I do a small obedience after to get her settled down and then out the door we go. Well, *whoops* this morning I forgot the small obedience after playtime and my Luna Moon turned into Luna the Nightmare!

Luna sit…*oh lay down*
Luna stay…*oh, get up and come to you*
Luna leave it…*but I want that*

*grumbles* who stole my dog?

jessica, so may are you ready for your traffic checks?

*thinks of Luna the Nightmare and groans* nope, not ready!

traffic checks:
*wow* Luna did abso-fantastic! For the time being Luna the Nightmare took a back seat and she nailed all of those traffic checks. *yay Luna* I had to slam on the breaks definitely once. I wasn’t expecting one to happen you know right after my first few steps. Luna hits *flying* speed after a couple of steps. Think Jessica was just trying to kill me.

Luna the Terror!
It is after lunch and Luna has gone from Luna the Nightmare to *Luna the Terror* During lunch she totally forgot what it meant to *go* under my seat at the table.

Luna under…*oh go visit Harper*
Luna under…*ah, you meant go play with Dottie*

*grumbles* damn dog!! Who kidnapped my real dog?

Luna go park…*stand here and look at you funny*

Oh forget it, lets go to afternoon training and hope for the best. hahahahahahah, *best* what best.

Luna’s harness work is great. It’s easy to read her and keep up with. So as we’re flying along I start to relax thinking my Luna the Terror will switch back to *good girl* like she did this morning.

Luna *oo give me that olive*…Luna leave it…*but but but, I want it* Take a few more steps after telling her to leave it…*oo, how about this, can I have it instead*

Can someone *pleeeeeease* give me back my dog!!!!

Luna meets a squirrel:
Oh wait the fun gets even better. A squirrel decides to make things even better by joining in. The nice squirrel is running in front of us and apparently not happy that Luna doesn’t give a damn that it’s there. so the little critter runs to a tree and flicks its tail which definitely gets Luna’s attention.

Luna **pounces* mine!

Nope, sorry Luna that mean squirrel just got you in trouble. I’m sure she gave one of us a dirty look after that ha, but she went back to work. A couple steps after that was the curb and she stopped at it with no problem and even body checked me so that I would not take another step. *cheers* good girl Luna!

introducing the gentle leader:
Well, Jessica wanted to work the route again, but this time with a gentle leader on just to see if we could make the route an even better success, less distractions. So I put one on her, but didn’t attach the leash to it and this time she did a much better job. She was still a little distracted, but it was *waaaay* better distraction wise than the first run.

Where’s my treats?
This is one super smart dog. During our walk today we started randomly giving Luna her treat rewards. I’d give her a treat at the down curb and at the up curbed, but then skip giving her one at the next down curb and scratch her on the head instead. yeah, sure I got some dirty looks from her.

What does the little monkey do? She blows the up curb after we cross the street. Then I have no choice, but to show her the curb and then give her a treat so she knows *stop* here.

Luna *ha, got my treat after all*

She did this more than once. And no, we didn’t have a pattern to when I’d food treat her and when I wouldn’t. So she wasn’t going by that.

So, this day has come to an end and I think all that mis-behaving wore her out. She’s currently snoring, *groans* on her mat.

As you may have noticed Luna has picked up 2 more names today, lol.

Jessica, can you bring back my Luna Moon tomorrow?


  1. […] racking moments during training with Luna at Leader Dogs was the day when Luna picked up the name Luna the Terror and the following day when instead of my sweet dog back our class got an army of tormenting […]

  2. haha, I was thinking on what to title it and then definitely how to start it.
    Man, what a day!

  3. Holy hell on a pogo stick…that’s some testing. Tansy never did any of that in class…she waited until I got home. You scared me, I thought there was a dog switch.

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