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LD, training4 First run with luna the pistil

First night with Luna Moon:
The first night with Luna went pretty good. She didn’t whine and wasn’t overly restless. She did sit up a few times, but I think it’s because it got too hot in the room. Once I turned off the heat she settled down.

Now onto my day with my *tiny moon*
This morning went fine. Once I got up and dressed she *dragged* me to the door. Hmm, guess she really had to go you think? lol

One of the biggest things we have to work on with Luna will be food refusal. She’s a little too interested in food, but from what I’ve observed of her so far she does catch on and learn pretty quick. Of course she might hate us after such a horrible lesson, *sighs* the life of a guide dog with such mean owners and trainers!

The first run through of obedience I did with Jessica. It wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t *fantastic* Mainly cause she likes to lay down right after she sits, *no thanks* to the nice slidy floor. So after that I worked with her on the carpet and she did much much better. So I think I’m going to do her obedience there to make sure I absolutely have her listening to me and then move back to the mean sliding floor. This also means she’ll get people distractions as we do this since we’ll be out in the lobby area. *just can’t win*

First walk…um make that *run* with luna:
*whew* what the hell is in my dogs food? This girl can go from 0 to 60 in about a second. She has now earned the nickname of Luna Pistil. Sheesh, she moves faster than Noah and he went pretty damn fast! I guess in January when I have to run from one building to the other to make it to class on time I don’t have to worry about that now. i’ll make it there with time to spare. Of course can’t say anything about the people she might run over in the process, but hey I’ll get to class, *snickers* Guess they’ll learn to definitely get out of her way! I also discovered that she bounces when she reaches her *lets fly* space which has earned her the nickname of Bouncy luna. So in less than 24 hours my girl has gained a few names. Isn’t that great? *beams*

The funnier second *run* with the Pistil:
*yipes* slam on the breaks! So um yeah, moving fast with miss Luna Pistil I really have to slam on the breaks and risk going flying in the process. We were flying right along when Luna stopped us at the gate. Well, she stopped and it definitely wasn’t expected. *whew* good thing that gate wasn’t any lower…haaha or unlatched. Luna stops, but May goes flying? Now that would have been amusing.

So um yes, made it past the near flying incident and get to the part I like most, *chuckles* Luna and I starts going down a hill and this time I let her go a little faster than I did this morning. *run Jessica, run* Whoops, sorry!

So um Jessica, think you’d be willing to video Luna and I doing a route once we’re more in sync with each other? *chuckles*

Um James, remember I said that Luna doesn’t snore…yeah about that. I hope it’s because she’s had a long day and will soon *shhhh* One damn snoring human in the house is enough!

One proud papa:
lol, new first time handler was extremely pleased today. Sometime today his awesome dog gave him that great thing that all us handlers know and love…*that first poop* Yes, today John got his first poop and he absolutely was thrilled about it! *hands John more bags* Everyone that heard him make this announcement including myself happily told him that he could pick up our dogs poop too.

Congratulations John!! On to tomorrow. Someone bring *skates* for Jessica? HA!

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  1. Here is a response I got from someone on another group, *snickers*

    Nova does the same thing when it comes to heat, but does it in my mom’s car when it gets too hot until she turns the heat down. Good luck with the food refusal! Oh, poor puppy, darn that slidy floor, enjoy it while it lasts, Miss Luna, slidy floor will come back to haunt you! Omg, the images I’m getting over here of you two flying and playing bowling with college crouds. I think the pup has earned another nickname, rocket launcher, because if she’s not careful, that’s exactly how you’ll be flying if you don’t remember where your breaks are! As for Jessica, *run run* it’s good for you! Or I suppose you can have skates to keep up with them. Lol!!!!!

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