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LD training3 DOG DAY, meet Luna Moon!

*grumbles and curses*

Ok, third times the charm I hope. Sorry to all my email subscribers. Tonight of all nights the post does not want to completely be posted.

*snaps the leash at the computer* Work I say!!

Puppies puppies puppies!!

Welcome to dog day!

For those receiving this via email I have no idea if you will be able to enter on the video from within your client. If not please go directly to the site to check it out.

This morning around 8:45 Jessica brought a nice chocolate lab to my door to play with me. Man he was hyper! He was definitely much smaller than Noah, but he had the same energy level and definitely the same *I’m going to pull your arm off* when really happy and want to play mood.

Ha, he was also a sneaky one. I sat on the floor to play with him and the little bugger snuck around and stole some treats out of the treat bag.

Now *cries* play time is over. The time is currently 10:20AM and it’s back to the horrible wait wait wait. Hurry time go faster!!

12:40 and there’s still no dog, *grumbles* We’re now all grounded to our rooms and not allowed to come out, so guess I’ll pace the floor now. The camera is all set up and ready to go and unless technology really decides to be against me I am not going to end up taping the wall, *snickers*

wait wait wait!!!

*cheers* Lets have a party!

My girl is here!! She arrived in my room at 1:25PM on September 16, 2014!! Check out the video!

Now which of us will get blown around more by the horrible wind/ *snickers*

Time with Luna Moon:
Luna has been totally awesome. My little tiny dog who I can fold up and stick in my suitcase has not given me too much trouble. However she does love the bed! We’ll have to work on that one. She’s rather determined she will be on the bed even after me being firm.

so far we’ve just practiced healing the dogs down the halls and I hang back a bit since i walk pretty fast. What I like is at the moment she doesn’t try and pull my arm off when she gets distracted by something. Right now however again it’s too hard for me to tell by just doing healing inside since we have to stay at a bit of a slower pace.

From first observations once I’ve gotten a little more relaxed with her just the tone of my voice when saying *no* works…then again she just now might be use to us going back and forth down the halls, that’s she’s like yeah yeah I know I know, *chuckles*

Dinner time she did great. I had already decided when I finally got the little one that I was going to put her under my chair at the table. She goes under the table and under my chair pretty good. It will need work, but it’s not a struggle. *whew* definitely makes me glad I have a tiny thing to deal with. The others at my table got nice big goldens or golden/lab crosses! I think the biggest at our table is 78 pounds.

I’m suppose to be walking the halls again for more healing…*shhhhhh* don’t tell I’m busy writing this post while my girl is sleeping on the floor beside me. *sighs* but I guess I should, mmm, maybe…but my dog is sleeping so nicely I don’t want to wake her!

Well, we just did the 8PM parktime and Luna says she is not interesting in that. I’ll give her one more chance around 10/10:30 and that will be it for her for the night.

So, it’s school catch up time for me. More about me and Luna moon tomorrow.

Let the fun begin!!


  1. Congrats on the new puppy! And I’m glad you got your bags back, too.

  2. Hahahah, I had a few people ask me before they heard what nickname I picked if she was Luna from Harry Potter. *chuckles* you know that didn’t even come to mind first.

  3. Yeah IE and FF did not like your youtube embed. Finally, NVDA, Firefox and some stubbornness and brute force got ‘er done. I wondered who the person was too…could barely hear her, but knew there was a someone. And hey, I was in my last week of Tansy training when Luna was born. How cool is that?

    Happy training with moon girl.

  4. That is Jackie. We pretty much got our pups at the same time.

  5. It took me two tries to play this video. Freaking IE wanted to eat it instead.

    Who’s that hanging out with you in the background?

  6. Hehehehehe. She’s a little wild child. Her and Tans would have fun together.

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