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Results of the Leader Dog guessing game

LMAO, now here are the answers for the guessing game. I hope you remembered your answers. A lot of you definitely were close on some answers.

We don’t have the height, but Jessica will give that to me later since she knows it was one of the questions for the guessing game.

1. Breed of dog? lab
2. What colour? black
3. Height? have to wait
4. Weight? 50.8
5. Gender? female
6. What month was puppy born? April
7. What letter will puppy’s name start with? L
8. What time will I get my puppy between 1 and 4? 1:25

I’ll give her name later this evening when I do my todays post with the video and will tell more about her then.

Thanks everyone who played!! Now back to my puppy.

One Comment

  1. Oooo the suspense! You’re torturing us!

    Have fun with the L-lady in black.

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